This service is free in the sense that there is no requirement for registration or payment. While we welcome you to this free christian chat room, this welcome may. Still, people have fallen in love and married after first meeting in chat rooms.

I'm really thankful I found this app. If Christianity is important to you, you probably want to date someone who feels the same way you do about your faith. If I feel low, I can go there and feeling renewed. If you are Spirit led you will be disgusted with this app. If you are a new Christian, steer clear of this app. If you are feeling lonely or depressed. If you are feeling lonely or depressed.

Some are meant to be faith communities, where members share bible discussion, form prayer circles, and talk about what faith means in their lives. Some marriages were even arranged. Some sites don't even require registration. Sometimes I don't feel like talking with everyone and would like a one on one voice chat. Sometimes I don't feel like talking with everyone and would like a one on one voice chat.

Many people left to the lounge when we started to read. Monitors can block participants who use inappropriate language or who don't seem to follow Christian values. Most Christian chat rooms require members to register before chatting. Most people in previous generations knew -or at least knew about- any person they might potential date.

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The people in this app and the over the world, God has appointed in the end times that this would happen. The prayer/singing group. The tour was really nice. The world of dating expands and gets more adventurous online, but you want to be responsible all the same. Then the wolves came in and started drama. Then to have people pressure me to make an account. There are also wolves in there filled with pride and use manipulation.

If you're worried about the recent publicity surounding online chat (the recent closure of msn chat) then read our. Im using this app on February 2017,I feel so blessed meeting caring people here and Sharing the word of God and prayers. Is another large dating site. Is one of the big Christian dating sites. It just goes to show that our brothers and sisters aren't as stiff as the world makes us out to be. It's a disgrace and these owners need to repent of their ways!

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There are many christian apps out there but this one is a must have if you want live fellowship and bible study! There are quizes and rooms for just about everybody - UK, USA, Canada, Australia - all online communities consisting of Christian men and women and teens globally. There is no God felt in that chat. There's no such thing as a free trial on our web site.

  • A few chats let you enter a nickname and start chatting right away.
  • A lot of good praise and worship songs.
  • A majority of men these days seek the company of women who are more spiritually connected then they are.
  • A mix of new chatters and regular chatters.

It's sickening to watch and hear. John 4 KJV Gods command. John 4 KJV Gods command. Just create your free profile and you will be on your way to meeting quality Christian singles.

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As long as you're careful about safety, you can have fun checking out a few chats.
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Christian Café also features a prayer community, with members posting their own prayers or joining in prayer for others. Christian Chat app from ChristianChat. Christian dating sites abound on the Internet.

Chat Forum One is open to all and you can chat using a mobile phone or tablet - no registration required.

This is an amazing app, I love talking about the word of God with many people. This is an amazing app, I love talking about the word of God with many people. This means you can communicate with more singles than any other Christian dating app or site. Try 101 chistian chat now! Volunteering at a Christian charity is a good bet, too. Was this page useful?

We are a free chat site but we are still here to help. We offer a number of free chat rooms no registration required over our three main chat forums. We read for like 3 hours. Well we've also searched the Internet for what we consider to be the 'best of the rest' online chat and forums for Christians and you can visit them all by clicking any of the sites in the list below. When you are ready to start chatting, simply choose a chat forum and enjoy!

Wife has a Spirit of pride and manipulation and the Husband has a Spirit of deception. Yep, we think it's the best fun chat meeting place on the web! You call them on their fruits and they attack you lol. You can browse the site for free. You may also be asked to write a paragraph about yourself and what you're looking for. You must purchase a basic membership to join the chat rooms. You should definitely download looking forward to meeting you!

Here’s how to increase your dating success. Hope simple emoticons are available. I am so glad to found Christian Chat it is very useful to all Christian to do in group of prayers,singing and bible sharing around the World.

Been a user of the original site for years.But I go to the bible study group.But the game is completely different when you talk about Christian dating online, where you can comfortably communication with your potential soul mate and gradually take things from their at your own comfort and pace.

It's like Joel Osteen's playground in there. It's like being at church 24/7 and is great for someone like me who will be leaving for college soon and will need a church home while I am away. It's like the "popular" kids in Highschool all over again. It's really easy to fake your identity in a chat room.

Talk to someone who knows God too. Thank you for helping keep CDFF free for Christian Singles! Thank you for making it free though! The Spirit was ON FIRE in the chat. The chat rooms are awesome. The developer is also cool and is hard at work making this app improve by leaps and bounds. The owners aren't even Christian themself.

Myself and two other Spirit Led brothers took the opportunity to read the word of God over the mic to the room. Not all Christian chat rooms are set up for dating. Online chat rooms allow you the freedom to purely determine whether or she is the one for you regardless of anything else. Our or any Christians for that matter - is our pride and joy! People most of the time are laughing while studying the bible. People most of the time are laughing while studying the bible.

I had the username HolySpirit and they banned me. I just like this app, u know having christian conversation. I think that this is a good app in the making and that what I appreciate most for this one is the personalized run through with the app. I was on there I got mocked for my name Prophetess girl77 it felt like a cult not even the present of Jesus Christ was there! I was on there maybe ten mins.

If you are looking for sexual content, we recommend and. If you continue, we'll assume you're OK with this. If you have any issues accessing our chat rooms, please. If you want to participate in chat, though, you'll need to purchase a membership. If you're looking for a cool Christian singles chat room to debate, talk about the latest issues.

Pray about it and I guarentee God will lead you AWAY from it. Remember, anyone can hide behind a chat room nickname, even at a Christian chat room site. Same with the PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE bible study chat room. Same with the PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE bible study chat room.

Just what I've been waiting for. Love all the rooms that are available. Many older women in there mock others and take part in the drama by siding with these wolves.

  1. Anyway i will still use this app coz i fine some members are really nice and friendly.
  2. Anyway i will still use this app coz i fine some members are really nice and friendly.
  3. Are they good places to look for a spiritually minded partner?
    • I got prayed for on the group yesterday, nd immediately I felt the love of God anew in my spirit.
    • Which scripture says CLEARLY NOT to rely on your OWN understanding.
    • You can talk to good people.
    • It's a great app where Christians can get together and talk or discuss the bible and pray.

    Scammers also hang out in some chat rooms, looking for people they can trick out of money or financial information. Sexual Content Not Allowed! Since MSN closed its chat rooms Christians are finding out that Fusion 101 Christian chat and forum one of the safest places to chat online.

    • About their Spirit of Pride and Manipulation.
    • All in all, amazing app.
    • Also, I hope that the network of people would grow and that this turns out to be a better app after updates.
    • Also, the block function should include voice as well.
    • And the same goes with her.
    1. And you can get prayers and love for free!
    2. And you can get prayers and love for free!
    3. Designed for group fellowship via voice and text. Expose false prophet spirits not non Christians. FREE Chat & more Chat! For the fist to me u get to chat with real people that are not faking and are ready to help. God gives sacred knowledge in these sacred times to certain individuals. God has destined my life to let all of you know that if you are getting "mocked" it's actually the end times and it's called blasphemies on the spirit.

      At first I was shocked never heard something like this as an app.BEWARE OF FLASE PROPHETS ON THE APP not non christians.
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      Live chat with at

      They allow the wolves to stay and cause debates and stir up drama because they pay monthly to be "members" of the app. They ban for Spirit Led truth and much more. They can also stop obvious scams. They have to have "power" over God's children. This especially advantageous if you travel a lot, you can connect with a multitude of people, increasing your social network as well as finding a woman you can proudly and happily elope with.

      I appreciate the fellowship and the studies and sharing with other believers. I called them out immediately and became the target to attack. I downloaded this app today it it is amazing so far i love it. I enjoy listening to the many conservation that we have and it's a good place to make Christian friends from across the world.

      I wish it was more mobile friendly by a little bit. I wish there was a block button on the mobile app, because sometimes people are crazy on here. I would have love to give this app five star but it gives me an error message after 20 minutes of using it and I have to start again. I would honestly recommend this app to be downloaded!

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