The primary risk is that you could become infected with HCV, too. Living in the same house with a person puts you at risk but only if you come into contact with their blood. The virus is not spread by: hugging. It's not easily contracted through sexual encounters (not saying it isn't possible). I've been dating someone with hep c for 2 and a half years and.

I'm not fine with that. If I were in her shoes I would be very disappointed in your response. If anyone wants to reach me they can pm me i wont be comin back here. If she is a wonderful person, man up and be there for her or make way for someone worthy of her attentions. If the doctor states that they are not familiar with the disease, then it's fine to go elsewhere for information. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the.

Has anyone on here ever gotten hepatitis C through having sex, no drug use involved to other possible way to have gotten it but by just having sex with an infected person? He shared a needle with his nephew who shared a needle with his friend knowing that he had hep c. Hello everybody, I started to recover from on and off drug abuse 3 months ago.

I have held my arm after an accident and had blood squirting everywhere including on them. I have hep C and to this day the dr is not positive how I got it -- he is about 85% sure I got mine from my ex husband. I have known person that said that Collodial Silver cures it. I have my suspicions but I never will know for sure. I have recently met a woman and shes awesome. I know a doctor who's wife got pregnant while on the pill which is 99% effective.

Overall my health is good, i'm working out and eating good. Protected sex will be a must while you're still contagious. Protection is a good idea anyway for the zillion diseases that ARE sexually transmitted. STDs and relationships are tricky business, but if the person really cares about you, and you are open and honest, I think it should be ok. Sharing this information can help your partner provide support for you and help prevent the chance of infection.

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Html Unknowingly: i had hepC over 25 years having sex with my wife and she never got it, thank God. I also started to get online and chat with women. I am sure that she is going through some **** with all of this, the last thing she would be needing is her man judging her and condemning her.

  1. Brother as of today I understand the panic you just went through.
  2. But I'd still marry her in a heartbeat.
  3. Education on this is truly important.

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    It is a blood borne pathogen and therefore transmitted via blood to blood. Its destroyed our sex life. Living with a chronic disease like can be and nerve-wracking.

    • I am sure telling you she had hcv was not easy.
    • I think a compassionate person who knows the facts about HEP C and is willing to take a risk would not let it affect a potentially wonderful relationship.

    The Hepatitis Foundation International. The chances are small that any of these people have hepatitis C, but it's important that they know so that they can be tested and treated if necessary. The dose that was approved maxs out at 90kg. The guidelines are a bit different.

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    Unless the two of you use or have used needles or other instruments for drug use, the likelihood that you’ve shared blood is low. We had so much in common, from a love of reading to a history of youthful troublemaking. Wish you the best, and perhaps, that will be an awesome relationship! Wish you the best, and perhaps, that will be an awesome relationship! Would have crushed me to get further in and then have to tell her about it.

    If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your physician or 911 immediately. Improved blood-screening tests became available in 1992. In 1994, I tested positive for Hepatitis C. In part, he says, it's to make sure that both people fully understand the risks of sexual transmission. Interesting they never got Hepatitis C. Interesting they never got Hepatitis C. It appears chicken-s**t and it's everything I hate about dating.

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    1. David Thomas, MD, professor of medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore.
    2. Distancing yourself from this "awesome" woman seems harsh.
      • And ive done alot of research since ive been infected.
      • And they will treat his kidney failure, but they theres a waitin list almost 3 years long for him to receive interferon treatment.
      • Because of AIDS and Hep C & B, Virginia made it illegal to get or give prison tats.
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      • "Hepatitis C is not a death sentence," says Kellerman.
      • A diagnosis can be challenging to learn.
      • Also, I wonder if you really DID like this girl, as I would have thought one would do all they can to understand the disease, then find ways to live with it, together.
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      Not quite the same because high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorder and such cannot be passed to the partner and likewise infect them with the same disorder while Hep C can. Not quite the same because high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorder and such cannot be passed to the partner and likewise infect them with the same disorder while Hep C can. Obviously, plenty of people with hepatitis C do experience stigma, and plenty of uninfected people have wrong ideas about the disease.

      You need to get offline and really get to know her outside of the internet and see where things go. You need to talk about it. You're fine dating someone with an STD (even though I know there are others way to get infected by this disease). Your blood coming in contact with his blood) If that does not happen, it is highly, highly unlikely that you will get Hepatitis C from him.

      She is a professor at the University of Baltimore, writes a monthly column at and reviews books for People, Newsday and Kirkus Review. So harshIs it really your honest opinion, that if someone that you are falling in love with or even in love with tells you that he or she has hep-c, you would would back out? Soon to be married to been with my fiancé for 7 yrs and he doesn't have it. Still trying to figure it all out myself. That is what has to happen!

      Hepatitis C infection is caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Hepatitis C is not sexually transmitted. Hepatitis C is particularly dangerous because it can linger in the body for 10 to 30 years before symptoms appear. His count was down, but while he was back in prison, they tested him again, and he count was up again. How dangerous is it to date someone with Hep C? How you can or not get it (your last post was deleted). However, tell your husband to go easy on his liver.

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      1. But then, it went undetected.
      2. But they refused to let him have the treatment as he did not have enough time in their minds.
      3. But you know what.
      4. Would like to add they do not even recommend we use condoms, so that should tell you how hard it is. You can live a full happy long life, but u need to be careful and take care of urself. You can only upload files of type 3GP, 3GPP, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or RM. You can't live your life worrying about it.

        HCV is spread when you come in contact with contaminated blood.

        I came to this post to make people aware. I did read a Japanese study that followed several hundred monogamous couples (with one member positive and supposedly zero other risk factors) for (can't recall the study length) and they found a '1% per year transmitting rate'. I don't care if I was dating Cindy Crawford. I have been w/ my husband going on 15 years and he has had it sense we were together and longer, I have been tested many of times and NEVER has it come back I have it.

        Mines gone undetected, my brother in law is undetected but my husband and his nephew still come up positive. My fiancé and I discovered he had hep c when doing pre op for surgery in december and we have never used protection so there was concerns for me, mostly from him thinking he could have caused me harm but I went and talk to my Dr.

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        The only reason I can see for not telling your partner is because you are afraid they'll leave which is not a good reason. The science has NOT changed. They may be afraid of the future. They said it's an 18 month program and he has 16 weeks to go on his time. They said that it cost to much. This includes going to school or work, spending time with family, and getting back out on the social scene. Those who qualify may receive up to $100 for their time.

        Exactly, but you should not hide them or lie about them just to keep them in the dark so they wont leave either.For the first time in my life, I feel secure and confident about not taking drugs again.Glad to hear that your relationship is working out for you, I can only imagine the anxiety of telling the news to someone that you're in love with.

        I met a girl online that I absolutely adored but then she dropped this bombshell, she has hepatitis C. I was told of her Hep C today and the first thought was F***. I would date someone with Hepatitis C. I'd do anything to get that buzz for the rest of my life. I'm asking him to be honest with me.

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