I DON'T OWN Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2 because I'm not that awesome. Best Endings (YOU MUST GIVE THEM THEIR GIFTS ON A DATE *I. This would be my first ever post and guide here (○´ω`○) This would be my guide for the dating sim "Kaleidoscope 2" by Mayuiki.

"And after we'd finished and were laying there down on the beach, I'd get up and go over to find my bag."But there's so few places to go," Cero huffed and gently tugged on the hair, moving it out of the way."C-C'mon I" he muttered, but said no more.

Xam nodded, "I'd reallylike to hang out with you," Xam said, looking up and smiling. Xam smiled then and waved before, for the first time, slipping his hands into Cero's hair to feel it. Xam smiled then, "and a red-necklace! Xam was easily lifted up and placed on the counter again, but today there was something off in his face.

"I'd like that," he smiled and removed his hand to put back on his own leg.

The man frowned slightly, "Well I assume you've seen it, the rest of Dream World is filled with girls," he smiled then, "so I have to sell girly stuff. The name is Cero," the mushroom said with a sad look. The next day, day three in Cero's mind, was started off back in the forest selling the silly little mushrooms to get some money, and then happily made his way into the shop again.

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He hadn't really changed what he looked like since he came, but it was nice flattery. He heard a sudden grunt above him, and then the feeling of some substance being shot into his throat. He heard from Riri before she disappeared, because now she hated him too. He just sat there, playing with the strings of Cero's yellow jacket.

The floor was a barren darn brown and tan checker board pattern, while the walls were a deep purple that reminded him of eggplants. The girl turned around, her long blonde hair flowing in the wind gracefully and creating a lovely frame around her dark face, her dark skin stood out wonderfully in the moon light. The glasses were tightly gripped in his hand still, and it brought everything back to him.

He was expecting some place new, but instead he saw the same Modern apartment he had just been in not long ago, and the same man standing near a counter, behind it, his back turned and he was messing around with a few things. He was putting on a show, as he was dying to get out of here and back to fix what he'd done. He watched as Xam stiffened up to the words, but almost immediately relaxed and fell into tears.

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In a sudden furry of limbs tearing at the other, they were completely naked and moving against each other. In his hand now he had the pair of black glasses that Xam had asked for, his final present for the man. In this dating sim, you play as Cero, an insomniac trapped in a dream world filled with beautiful girls. Inside the door, he saw Xam again, doing his familiar working behind the counter.

It did shock Cero and he jerked to look at Xam, but then he smiled weakly and leaned closer to him. It looked almost unreal, and in front of here there was a single building, her name over the door. It looked so familiar and familiar things began to happen. It shocked Cero, maybe he was the one being too somber for her. It took long enough for Cero to finally pull away from Riri, but by that time she had wasted whatever strength he had, so he was forced to go to sleep.

Xam could've easily taken his own stock, or bought himself one if he didn't want to take it. Xam couldn't have been happier and he put away his apron, clocked out, and barely controlled himself from dashing right out to meet Kai. Xam gave up on his anger then and clung to Cero tightly, "Thank you so much the gifts, they were keys," he whispered.

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He went out every day, wandering the sidewalk like he had those four months ago in search of that old building that didn't belong in a city. Hidden behind his mask of anger was pain, and he could see it clearly in those eyes. His story wasn't for her.

Nothing too new or interesting. Or is there something in my shop you like? Riri got the impression that Cero's loving expression was to her, and not that his mind had wandered to someone she disliked so greatly, so she continued to speak: "The sound of the waves crashing against the sand really calms me," she said. She nodded, "Yeah, Xam has some great stuff for sale with wings, but I can't really afford it," she sighed and slouched over.

And when that was done, they would sleep wherever they happened to be, the couch or a bed, or the floor if that's where they ended up. Angel looked up then, sensing a strange mood from Cero. Between his thighs was a semi-hard cock that only seemed to be growing again as Cero stared at it, but the thing that caught him most off guard was how completely clean shaven Xam was. But Cero smiled, "I'd like to go home now. But Cero wasn't thinking straight and he took the vial to examine it further.

"Well why did you come here? "Well, I was just about to go for a swim, so don't interrupt me," she huffed right back. "Well, when you find someone, I hope you'll tell me," Cero smiled. "Will you sleep in my realm tonight? "Xam," Cero muttered and dashed forward and embraced him tightly, looking into those bright sparkling blue eyes. "Yes, Cero," Xam said quietly as he pushed him back a little.

Xam's face flushed terrible and he nodded, "A-alright! You have 30 days to succeed. You're always here, remember that little brat?

After puking whatever he'd consumed back up, he went to his bed and tried to sleep. All he wanted to do was leave with Xam. Also having an issue saving as well. And are definitely cheap," he huffed. And sometimes, in the really bad times, Xam wouldn't be able to shower and would come in looking like it. And they were holding hands.

She turned when Cero began to walk towards her, his sneakers crunching the sand and catching her attention. She went silent for a minute, chewing on her lower lip. Sleep was impossible, and his mind was slowly slipping. So Xam stayed silent and sat in the back, hunched over and almost hiding from Kai now. So she took it and walked off, meeting back up with Noah and hiding her vial from him.

They're not expensive at all, you could buy me one to make up for it," he cooed with a wink. This isn't very good. This isn't very good. This time he got a whole eighty dollars, totally over one hundred.

Cero didn't move, he just slightly curled up so Soffie couldn't see him, "I hate to reject you or anything if you were starting to like me," he shrugged, "But I came here before. Cero didn't take that for an answer and walked closer to Xam, immediately lifting him up in his arms like he always had. Cero jerked slightly and let go of Xam then as he sat down beside him, "I would choose love," he said, very sure of himself. Cero looked at her then with an inquisitive look, "Xam?

With Xam in reality with him, Cero had somehow found his sleep. Within minutes, Xam was wrapped completely around Cero and being taken to his bed where they fell together. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

Cero nodded, "Yeah, I do," he reached across the table and took Xam's free hand, "I would really like to leave this place with you. Cero pulled out his fingers them and wiped them on the blanket. Cero quickly moved from the Forest and over to the yellow door. Cero shook his head, "No, I won't need any.

"I can't believe you even had the audacity to waltz back in here!"I can't wait to explore," she smiled and moved towards the building in front of her."I had painted something before I fell asleep," he immediately changed topics when it came to him, the pain he had felt upon seeing that picture.
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"If I could find a magical potion or something" Cero sighed, thinking about what had happened again. "It doesn't matter what's special, because I love you," Cero said. "Looks great," Xam commented as he came into the room. "Maybe it's just that I live here, but I really like wings," she said next, seeming to just keep changing the conversation topic. "Of course," he replied and sat up.

He tried to walk, trying to make it out of the building and across the street to his own building, but it was no use as he collapsed down to his knees and then the floor where he lay, completely asleep. He walked along the sidewalk, his hands in his pockets and his feet dragging along the concrete.

  • An entire year I searched for the woman who gave me that tonic that sent me here!
  • " Xam protested and plopped down beside him, knees coming up and arms around them as a defense, "it's embarrassing," he muttered.
  • Nothing too new or interesting.

What was going on here? When Cero walked into the shop on the sixth day, he looked around. When dinner was finished, they stood up from the booth, but before Xam walked off, Cero stopped him and pulled him close. When it occurred to Xam that it might have not been the water, he was ecstatic and began moving against Cero as well.

Cero sighed then and laid back down in the grass, "It's my fault," he whispered and rolled over onto his side. Cero smiled, "Well I guess I'll look around some more," he said. Com — Your #1 online entertainment & artist community! Come on, that ass isn't here.

His tightened grip on Xam's wrists made him re-think ignoring the request and he hesitantly began. How long had he been asleep? I spent an entire year trying to find my way back and when I did" he sighed and thought back to what Xam said.

Come to the Beach with me," she coaxed and tried to pull Cero. Everything I had failed at, everything I had lost! Few very good friends, but few either way. From a dark brown, yellow, blue, red, green, to purple. He ate it in one bite and hummed as he chewed. He could finally go back and do what he'd been planning for all this time.

"The forest, the trees, the lilies They're alive, and when they sing, it calms me," she said and stood back up to drop the flower in Cero's hands. "We can go" he muttered and just held Cero as tightly as he could, afraid that when their time was up this time, Cero would disappear again. "Well it isn't that expensive" he muttered as he looked at the little cubbies with the clothes folded up in them, then over to the ones with jewelry. "Well thank you, I learned from the best," he teased.

  1. " That'll be, um, five dollars and fifty cents," Xam would always say with a smile.
  2. " What isn't special about you?
  3. " he asked to himself, and then approached a small table centered in the middle of the curved building.
  4. " she said, a look of shock coming upon her face.
  5. Can you recommend some good games that you can play in browser (not ones that you have to download)? Cero chuckled, "Yeah, I guess so. Cero cursed under his breath and was quick to duck beneath the nearest covering, which hadn't been quick enough to save him from the utter downpour that had soaked his clothes through and through, ruined his hair, and made him far more irritable than he had been before.

    Xam gulped and tightly closed his eyes now, blushing heavily as he moved the single finger to its target. Xam hadn't had time to even register what was going on before that erection was forced right into his mouth which had been yanked open hard enough to strain his jaw. Xam let out a scoff, "I was alone," he muttered. Xam looked down at Cero and smiled brighter if it was possible, "Yes! Xam looked down then, "But When you returned you went off with her.

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    It was a pure sleep, not even a dream to disturb him. It was a tank-top and acted more like a sports bra, if it wasn't for the black underlay that made it more of a midriff-shirt, that's what he would've assumed. It was strange to see her smile after his comment, but it didn't matter to him. Just the people here? No matter what he wore, he always had that look about him of complete seduction. No one had wanted to—I was a mess in the real world until I came here, until I met you!

    "You look wonderful," he whispered to an ear, then pulled back to see that adorable blush returning to his face. "You remind me of someone" he whispered. After another trip to the forest, Cero was back in the shop on what he believed was day 4.

    He knew the doctor was being a bit negligent, but he didn't care. He lapped at the small nub, making it stiffen up and redden. He looked at it and the tears immediately returned. He stepped out of the shop and closed the door behind him, only to look across to saw the door to Lunar Beach open, and he saw Riri peeking out.

    The worst that could happen was that nothing would change. Then he grumbled under his breath a little bit. Then, Cero went even farther and took it into his mouth, gently holding it between his teeth as he sucked on it. There was no reason for it, he just wanted to and it was simply that. They didn't get intimate again, but there were times when they would come back from the beach and sit on Xam's couch. They went to dinner and then out on the town, and Kai bought Xam his first present.

    He didn't even notice Riri's strange look at him as he left the Realm. He flew up and sat, "I uh, hear Xam likes boys," he muttered and rubbed the back of his neck. He frowned then, and that frown didn't leave his face.

    But he saw how the man seemed to be shaking with his nervousness, so Cero didn't look anywhere but his face. But still, he smiled at her. But there was just something special about being with Xam, and even now, just walking into the shop, it felt right. But today was different. But, I've had diagnosed chronic insomnia for the past few years," he said with a hum, "So, along with my sleep, my art declined as well.

    But I haven't dated anyone in years, and last time I did, she and I left hating each other," he chuckled, "So I guess it makes sense But I saw you and, ah, I just had to check it out. But as he walked away, then dared to look back, it wasn't there anymore. But from the first day, Kai would drop the money on the counter and take his purchase without a second glance to the cashier. But he did return every week, and at first, Xam had a hard time judging if this man was straight or not.

    "Hey," Cero greeted with a wave, walking over to the counter to lean against it.

    That was definitely a relief and Cero let out a happy sigh. That worried Cero now—had he done something wrong? The doctor looked at him, "Are you sure?

    So, feeling quite obligated to now, he entered the store and let the door close behind him before beginning his search. Soffie shrugged, "You were a human once. Suddenly the mushroom began to grow, shining as well. That confused him more, what was a Dream Soul?

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