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I love all people of any age, gender, culture, and beliefs. I love my work as a hospital chaplain while also surrounding myself with friends from the vegan community and Friends (actual name of members) in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). I love to read, pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I love to spend my time in nature, and taking day trips. I love, good company, food and conversation.

I believe everyone is connected through the same Creator and at our deepest level we are really all the same. I decide to keep the makeup light and don my favorite cotton leggings and a flattering tank, ignoring the parade of cleavage and butt-hugging pants that walks through the door. I deeply care about the environment so I always make sure to leave no trace. I do horoscope reading for people providing them astrological remedies as per mantra by their zodiac sign and planetory positions.

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Amazing at heart soul and mind. Among my favorites are the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Beethoven, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Enya, and Ashana.

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I like to probe different lines of thought and keep myself open to new ideas, examining myself and my life for ways to improve my soul, cultivate myself, wean myself more from the ego and beliefs of the system that exult egocentric living. I like to travel too and am up for any trip. I look and feel younger than my years.

I'm from Los Angeles and currently living in Las Vegas. I'm growing some herbs and flowers in planters now. I'm into yoga, specifically Ashtanga Yoga, and I live all eight of the eight limbs. I'm new in the vegan raw world. I'm really excited/nervous to begin my career this fall!

I also love music (yes, that is me singing in the car next to you! I am a Medical Intuitive and believe in natural healing and the more ancient and indigenous ways when it comes to health and well being. I am a laid-back guy who works to live and not the other way around. I am a peaceful, loving person who studies Zen. I am a seeker of a higher sense of consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, and unconditional love.

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And political issues, and in general, how to make this world a better place, and also things that inspire me. And what are we doing each day to open our hearts and enjoy the joy of our souls? And you are matched for more important reasons than that you both don’t smoke. Ask probing questions that are really generative like, "You just got back from traveling in India—tell me about it.

Be the person you want to meet. Being vegetarian provided me lot of beautiful and miraculous benefits. But because I have two sides and am a walking paradox. But that does not rule out chocolate or some other indulgence on occasion:-) Physical fitness has always been an important part of my life so I am looking for a like-minded guy. But truthfully, I lead a "normal" life- good family, college, good job, the "good on paper" life.

  1. " Sapio was founded by two women who want to help you to connect with others based on similar answers to open-ended questions.
  2. "In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.
  3. "We are sooooo grateful for Jill Crosby’s wonderful idea of creating the Conscious Dating Network.
  4. "What a shitty feeling for a human.
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    If you are reading, thank you, because most people don't. If you could incorporate yoga into your relationship, it can help it grow and nurture it into something more meaningful than before. In addition to searching for a like-minded partner in the dating portion of the site, you can also make new friends and discuss deep topics, like being one with the universe, in the forum.

    Some marriages were even arranged. Some sites, such as Match, let you decide who you can meet, while other sites, such as eHarmony, suggest potential dates for you. Spiritual healing has transformed my life and pulled me out from my darkest moments. Strictly a dating website for vegetarians. That really makes me feel that I'm doing my part to help the people around me. That usually works for me.

    I enjoy exploring, reading, drawing, painting, photography, cultural festivals, plays, concerts. I enjoy nature and love to hike, swim. I enjoy outdoors, nature, photography, movies, music, traveling and the arts. I enjoy working out, adventures in travel, practicing yoga, seeing movies or plays, relaxing in a hot tub, going to a concert, or just hanging out at home with someone special. I have 2 boys and 2 firefighting jobs that keep me busy.

    Why does this matter in a relationship? With almost 63,000 active members, Spiritual Dating is one of the smaller dating sites in this niche, but it’s rapidly growing every day. With just enough of the language under my belt to get into trouble, I drove through the Mayan country in thje Yucatan with its ruins to British Honduras (now Belize).

    We have been online since the year 2000 and have helped thousands of singles become couples, and make life-long friendships along the way. We have thousands of local single yogis just waiting to meet you. When you’re done, you’ll have a great basis for people to see why you’re a good match for them.

    The stretching and balancing moves are challenging but still easy enough for a novice like me to try without feeling silly. The values are different, and it’s much easier to find people who are on the path. The world may not always be fair, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for justice, specially equality with all the living beings who live in the world. The worst thing that's happening these days is "ghosting," where the person just disappears.

    Conscious Singles, a platform with the Conscious Dating Network, is a go-to dating site for daters like yourself, and it promises that you’ll be around the types of people you desire. Discovering something new is fun! E movies, tv shows, music, etc. Editorial opinions expressed on the site are strictly our own and are not provided, endorsed, or approved by advertisers.

    Am a tea totaller and am into yoga and meditation.

    Hannah's yoga session was organised by dating site Doingsomething. Having recently ended a serious relationship, I'm not ready to start dating again, but I want to test the waters and see who else is paddling around. I also am noticing my tendency to get everything "right" before I invite another into my life and I know that I will never get it all right, so I've decided to explore here. I also like to bike ride, but I have a balloon tire bike without speeds, so I can just enjoy the ride.

    A nice idea but I get the giggles and ruin the moment.
    • My goal is to make it to South East Asia someday.
    • Classical music, computer science.
    • Loving, sharing, giving and forgiving.
    • Meditation, Kripalu, Ashtanga, whatever your passions are, Yoga Friends date is the ultimate singles community for Yogis.

    Online, dating while background in logged marriage including on to besides and several. Other traits that are important to me include integrity, conscious communication and supporting each other when it gets difficult so that it is not difficult. Patricia Karpas is the co-founder of five-star app, —one of Apple's ten best apps of the year. Please don't take it personally or be put off by it, it doesn't last long! Press Ctrl+Shift+J or Cmd+Shift+J on a Mac.

    A really happy healthy guy who wants to meet a passionate vegan/raw foodie that loves life, the environment, travel and self improvement.After 90 minutes of climbing all over each other, we end by lying quietly on our backs in savasana, close enough to each other to touch hands and feet.
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    Thirty years of a plant-based diet and a lifelong healthy lifestyle have blessed me with a body, mind and spirit far younger than my chronological age (except for accumulated wisdom, of course). This hopefully shouldn't be a burden on getting acquainted as I feel I will be glad for the opportunity to know you, even if only a little. To do all things in love and looking for the positive. Trouble starts when I throw caution to the wind!

    Even in this economy, he lives independently. Finally, Online Dating Your Way at YogaFriends. Find someone special at YogaFriends. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. For many, once you make that change in your life and to your health & wellbeing, you never look back. Forget the selfies, the flakiness, and the bells and whistles you might find on other dating sites — Spiritual LoveMatch is all about authenticity, serious-minded dating, and straightforwardness.

    In my spare time, I teach yoga, am learning Reiki, and I love to cook and bake. Into weight training and acrobatics. Irish, French, Spanish, & English are the European decents I know to be in my background from my mom's side. It is all about chemistry induced by physical and mental stimulation. Join now and see what you are missing out on. Just came back from volunteer trip to Fiji where I was able to do some shark diving! Looking for someone to partner with in every way.

    Rate and litigate to sexual misrepresentation users trial. Rio was a heavenly place in the country, where I learned, practiced and taught Hatha yoga, Veganism, editation, and a 100% holistic living style while serving the guests as well as guaranteeing the many jobs for the substantial Mexican staff---I hoped to make it my life's work. Sci-fi movies with psychological mind-bends are my specialty. Snuggling with someone by the fire indoors or out is also perfection.

    My current passion is writing poetry and songs. My dream is to someday own a vegan food truck. My name is Andrew, I incarnated on the same planet as you, so I consider myself to be your neighbor as well as your brother. Nemeth discourages talking, so some quietly introduce themselves while others just smile silently. Net is a member site of the Friends Worldwide Dating Network, the largest integrated network of dating sites in the world.

    Them e women whether married is dating?! There are lot of people who have incorporated yoga into their life, but they are looking for yoga in a different way. Therefore, a mixture of smart and safe actions is needed during digital, verbal, and other types of intercourse. These therapy made my life freely, lightly, easily and comfortably.

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    California-born, world-traveled —described as independent, caring, romantic and mystical — vegetarian, organic, wholistic, no alchohol or drugs — being mutually present, seeing naturally and spiritually, is the most profoundly arousing high. Com is a free site that allows you to join, browse, and connect with yogis who share your interests.

    YogaMatch brings together those of pure mind and body searching for the highest purpose of their life. You also have the support to go deeper into postures than you would on your own. You can find people that match your level as well; you don't have to be a professional athlete or body builder. You can search profiles just like you would on any dating site and find someone you think is a match for you. You’ll soon understand why thousands of active singles join our community every week!

    The cultivation of my spirit is an integral centerpiece to my intentional & simply way of living, on a formal level it mainly consists of practice of yoga, chanting, reciting the Heart Sutra, & juicing (although my spiritual practice is naturally & progressively flowing into every facet of daily living. The sequences draw inspiration from Dru (heartwarming) yoga, Humandala (group) yoga and mindfulness techniques.

    I am interested in others who have a moral code that directs them to be Hero's protecting the Defenseless from the Cowards who prey upon them by any means necessary. I am one odd cookie, not in a bad way- just in a unique way. I am retired, but take on short assignments. I am very spiritual, I love all types of spiritual activities. I am very traditional regarding relationships but very unconventional and creative in most areas of life.

    I take yoga classes and really enjoy that. I think we are all always searching, but I know I have found the core of who/what I'm meant to be/do. I want to try my best to be the best dad, best son, best brother and a good human-being.

    I do like to check out bands I may not know anything about. I don't think age is nearly as important and shared interests and beliefs as in any case we never know what tomorrow may bring. I eat 80% raw food now.

    I'm shy at first, blunt at best. I'm very liberal and I like to have a good laugh. If we can both accept this opportunity, and if we both sense the potential for chemistry, you will have found your best friend and good lover who will walk beside you whenever you need it and for as long as you want it. If you are one of those people who does not like showing public displays of affection then you should stop reading right now.

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    I have a rewarding career where I work Monday through Friday. I have been living a vegan lifestyle for going on 3 years and I'm loving it so much. I have participated in shamanic ceremonies and love any think that involves mind expansion of the third eye. I like TV and movies, so much so that I chose to study and work in the field. I like to keep a variety to continue to learn something different.

    No matter what your practice is, whether it be Tai Chi, Pilates or meditation we believe in the mindful life and that’s what we promote. Nor is standing back-to-back with a potential love interest and being hoisted off the ground backwards the most romantic gesture. Not been to many flea markets or car boots, but. Now a break with the philosophizing! Once you hear me teach, you will see the yogi in me. One should learn from the wise and give credit when due.

    I am a volunteer re-evaluation co-counseler, practicing a process that helps her to release distress in healthy ways, and then turn to friends for connection. I am always up for an adventure culturally or naturally, as it keeps life interesting. I am credentialed to teach Culinary K-12 or Family Studies and Consumer Sciences grades K-12. I am currently in school studying oceanography and music. I am developing a meditation practice and like to attend meditation groups and retreats.

    A big dreamer, music addict and wine enthusiast.A devoted foreign cinema taste.

    I met my fiancé online and we always talked about how hard it was sifting through people with the same value and interests. I see and feel the divine in everyone and everything. I show it in galleries and at fine art shows. I stare at the blank form on the website — the one that invites me to open my heart and pursue my soul mate via a labyrinth stocked with eligible men.

    I would like every day to be a honeymoon, I'm very affectionate. I'd like to start pursuing a more active lifestyle, though. I'm a minimalist who places more value on experiences rather than material things. I'm always making new and exciting recipes and love to cook. I'm an animal liberation activist and a raw food enthusiast. I'm definitely a girl, with lots of feminine qualities and a big heart. I'm fiercely protective of the innocent, whether they be human or nonhuman.

    Love swimming in the pools. Love to read, write, create. Making smoothies, active listening. Male or female to practice with.

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