'On-the-go' chat & IM network, supports 1000+ mobile devices. Hot Celebrity Gossip – videos & stories on the go and pushed daily. Checa la sensación del juego del granjero de airG!

  1. " I did not even respond to it as I thought it was spam or phishing SMS message of some sort.
  2. "The GLL is the perfect extension of the Sports, Latino and Friends mobile communities that AirG launched with Sprint earlier this year as part of The Lounges.
  3. "We're excited to work with Sprint on this innovative new product that brings hundreds of thousands of mobile gamers together in what will surely become the world's largest interactive mobile games community," said Frederick Ghahramani, director, AirG.
  4. Third-party link removed] AIRG charges on my bill since July 2015 without my knnowledge as I never authorized them to do this. This app would have probably been alright if the developers weren't drunk on the job. This app would have probably been alright if the developers weren't drunk on the job. This has never happened in my previous replacement visits. This is crap Your right it does have ads but your suppose to be able close it out by hitting the X instead it opens it.

    I remember when this site was fun & I had met some pretty cool people on it. I researched and found your page and have filed a complaint with the FCC under 'phone'. I still may move up there tho.

    "With its strong reputation for industry-leading data services, Sprint clearly understands the value of mobile community services," said Ryan Wuerch, chairman and CEO of Motricity.(Message failed to send) WHAT!?(Message failed to send) WHAT!?

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    Because I decided to closed my account. Better understanding subscribers' preferences and usage patterns provides carriers with insights to increase content quality and personalize the data experience. But 5 years after they all gone and when I'm out of country for 3 years. But its 10,000 times better than air-g!

    I have also not received any notification via email, text message, or self-addressed envelope through Sprint regarding their Customers being affected. I have called Sprint two times to resolve this issue and receive credit for these charges. I just made an account using the password I always use and now it's not even letting me in.

    Every day 24-7-365 earrr,opp need to fix! Every day 24-7-365 earrr,opp need to fix! First, you will need the latest version of on your computer. Go back to banner ads and fix the bugs please?. Having trouble posting or viewing your Private Messages? However, the options require have downloaded the app(s) and go into settings to unsubscribe.

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    I very rarely read all of the terms and conditions. I want to give this app a better rating but. I want to give this app a better rating but. I wanted to make more friends, but the stupid app does not work. I went in and blocked it then used the chat system to speak with sprint about it. I'll be checking my account in the morning to make sure the changes have been made. If you do not have the latest version, download Firefox for free on their web site.

    When I First Downloaded The App I Liked It Did Have No Problems With It Now I am Having So Much Problems Accepting Friend Requests Sending Out Messages Posting A Comment On My Friends Page So Don't No What To Do If Someone Can Help Me With This Stupid Airg website! Why change a good thing i don't like the new airy why they changed the format. Why is this being allowed by Sprint?

    Did you send someone a message whom you aren't friends with yet? Do not use this app. EXTREMLY GREEDY$$$ONLY,IF U NOT RICH FORGET THIS GAME! Es, Cool Pics, airG Chat, Nuestra Comunidad, airG Chat en Español, Conexion Ideas.

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    Motricity's Fuel mobile content delivery platform received the 2006 GSM Association Award for "Best Service Delivery Platform" and was also named "2005 Premium Mobile Content Platform of the Year" by Frost & Sullivan. Nah, that requires you voluntarily giving up info). Next, download the, which will allow you to spoof your web browser as a mobile. Not true I made a public comment on something she had said to me in private and he banned me.

    AirG March 14, 2016 Thank you for your feedback!AirG May 2, 2016 You can upload photos by clicking on your profile, which is under the menu button at the top bar.
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    I AM BETTER OFF BEING ONLINE THAN WITH THIS DAMN THING YOU CALL AN APP. I AM BETTER OFF BEING ONLINE THAN WITH THIS DAMN THING YOU CALL AN APP. I also just changed his original phone number that he had from 2004 to a new number earlier this year. I called AirG from my home phone to ask them how they got my cell phone number from Sprint and what they were trying to charge me for.

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    It makes you type in locations instead of making people select them, which leads to people typing in a ton of different things so people ten feet from each other can't find each other. It may be because that person has his/her privacy setting on that they only want to receive messages from friends. It turns out it is also for the AirG usa Inc. It's not user friendly, can't post anything without a "failed to send" the website is even worse.

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    Sprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of communications services bringing mobility to consumer, business and government customers. Sprint is not making their employees aware of this. Sprint only credited me $20 so far for the inconvenience and I am out of pocket $75-80 from this scamish service (including late fees). Still makes me uneasy on why so many customers of Sprint had this issue.

    Will wait and see if they try and put it on another line. Worst app ever Wouldn't let me upload pictures then it did then it wouldn't let me send messages and I wanted to delete profile but it won't me. You can do so by navigating to that person's profile and tap on the icon on the top right corner. Your a joke no way in hell would i ever i sign up for any of ur apps.

    Meet new friends and stay connected on airG! Million game scores posted to leader boards? More than 170,000 game ratings?

    Updates to Hookt - Free Social Privacy may automatically add additional capabilities within each group. Upgrade to a newer version or use a different browser. We have the unfriend option.

    It's very sad and I thank you AirG support for replying a message. Join the airG Chat today! Lay off the sauce guys and get it right this time will ya. Lay off the sauce guys and get it right this time will ya. Looking to meet new and interesting friends and singles in your city?

    Your account is automatically deleted.

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    Scroll to your "Photos" section and you can upload. So either fix it or remove the it sucks. So many pop ups that you can't do anything. So many things are wrong with this so called app. Sprint (NYSE), the industry leader in innovative wireless entertainment services, and AirG, the global leader in powering social networking on mobile phones, have opened the Game Lobby Lounge (GLL) as an enhancement to the Game Lobby from Sprint, which is powered by Motricity.

    The airG community is the place where you can chat, flirt, and find new like-minded friends! The app doesn't have any search functions that are helpful. The company's products and services have a proven track record of increasing customer affinity for more than 85 mobile operators and media companies globally including Sprint Nextel, Cingular, Virgin Mobile, Orange, and MTV Asia. The customer service rep was pretty flustered but she couldn't/wouldn't tell me how they got my number.

    This is one of the ADs being used. To learn more, download the app today! To my account and unsubscribed me from the service. Trade tips and launch some of airG's latest mobile games including Big Barn World.

    The GLL, powered by AirG, is the world's first social network that exclusively targets mobile gamers and provides a revolutionary new way for users to communicate in real time and share game tips and reviews. The Motorola E4 makes no bones about being a mid-range device. The airG Chat app gives you direct access to everything that a social network should be – a large community of people, fun, personal, social, entertaining, and effortless.

    As one of the most popular mobile chat services, offers a wide variety of interactive chat rooms and interesting people to meet. As wireless technology, consumer electronics and entertainment converge; Sprint subscribers can use their mobile phone as a source for information, communications, personalization and entertainment. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Because I decided to closed my account.

    Tried to set date of birth 1 hours,stooped Worst date of birth set up, how many times I have to touch to set date of birth. U get to know friends and chat with people from another city. Uninstalling & will just stick with Facebook & forget Airg altogether. Uninstalling & will just stick with Facebook & forget Airg altogether. Unrated apps may potentially contain content appropriate for mature audiences only.

    The search functions are terrible tbh. The site uesd to be ok and fun. There are always new friends online ready to chat, play games and share their story with you. There is little to no help online so my only option was to come here and write this. There was a press-kit link here - Get more information about Sprint's E3 activities, including downloadable high-res images.

    And has offices in Beijing, London, Munich and San Diego. And some racist makes a hang from a tree comment. And you have to keep trolling. As a global leader in Mobile Marketplace Management, Motricity provides technology and solutions that enable consumers to receive the right mobile content at the right time, every time. As for messages, did you send a message to someone who you are not friends with?

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    I love Big Barn world and chatting friends. I rather excited for this one! I received the text from AirG that everyone else has received this morning.

    We will look into fixing the push notifications issue. Well, he will no longer be able to use it because I had Sprint cancel it and issue a refund along with I blocked adding any apps that cost anything. What happen to this app? What happen to this app?

    If you have ever attempted to open the AirG website with a regular web browser, you will notice you are unable to see what you normally would with your phone or mobile device. In this tutorial, you will be required to download a number of plugins to access the site on your desktop. It gives errors and has been re- directing me to the app store what gives?

    Mad as h ll This app was one of the best but as of late it is being took over with adds u can't chat with or meet new friends for fighting all the useless adds please make a add spot so if we want to view add we click on and if we don't we can once again enjoy chatting with our friends this is a free app we shouldn't have to pay to keep the pop ups off our page. Maybe that had something to do with it. Maybe they will get caught and we will all get a large payout in a class action lawsuit.

    Not true I made a public comment on something she had said to me in private and he banned me. Now I can't even search for people near me? Old version I had the new version. Omg i have clear pictures but when i uploaded it. Once all three elements (and both add-ons) are installed on your computer, launch Firefox browser to continue. Or, submit a username (which I never created) and my mobile number. Over $5/mon and it was so scamish.

    Tetris, one of the most popular mobile games, is now available in the Game Lobby on more than 40 Sprint phones. Thank you for reaching out to us. Thanks for your participation in the forums! The GLL is an application that can be downloaded to select Sprint phones, enabling gamers to share tips, blog and review games on their wireless phones.

    The internet version allows you to type in an area code select the gender you want to show up and see who's in the area, can't do that with this app. The most worst app in the world I dnt need to say anything! The old version is better.

    • I feel violated and robbed.
    • We will continue to provide excellence in offering robust community offerings across carriers, not only in games but also in other content offerings such as music.

    By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments and. Can't even check my mail due to all the dam spam steady popn up. Can't even check my mail due to all the dam spam steady popn up. Cannot upload photos, edit my profile or set my location or gender. Change my stars from 5 down to 2. Click and send me a Private Message. Crêpe eating ole 'Can of die' Canada bans me for the word "cracker"?

    PS: Attached are a couple pages and the name of AirG Inc. Rather than settle for slow AirG Chat service, this tutorial will show you how to access the service with an Internet connection and their home, work or library computers. Read all comment below and please read it all 1 star smh!

    Motricity is a leader in powering mobile communities and by offering such technologies and services that unify the mobile content ecosystem, Motricity creates compelling user experiences and delivers profitable mobile content offerings for partners such as BET, Cingular, Verizon Wireless, China Unicom, O2, Amazon.

    AirG - Meet New Friends LIQUID CITY KiNG For Life New World New Life As Boss For LC It's Time For A New Change In airG Me Being Myself and other family I trust Who Wan'ts A New Boss I think LC needs A New Top Boss Truthful faithful.

    AirG is the world’s best social entertainment site and now it’s available as an app! And bla bla u name it.

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