Get help resolving your EA game issues. Read help articles, troubleshooting steps, or open a support ticket to get back in the game. Contact EA Help using the channel that can help resolve your issue: forums, Twitter, Facebook, live chat, phone, or email.

They removed the game from my account and any trace of it apart from the "Game Links Section" which showed i still had links with Sims 4, now i had to speak to 5 different people on the online forum where not one of me was able to help, they're patronising trying to tell me i had never purchased sims 4 with this account which is absolute lies because i know full well i did, they removed the game from the account and scammed me out of £35 pounds and due to it being quite a while ago my emails automatically delete (Which is really annoying) so therefore i could not pull up the email in which had the game code on!

Seeing charges from both entities had me concerned I was being double-billed for some reason, especially since the last two payments were only 3 weeks apart, and came from two separate accounts. So clearly they had shit tons of problems when origin was first coming out. So it isn't a publicly accessible address? Some people from Origin tech team told me it was my computer, others (Origin Tech team) told me that my computer specs were just fine.

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Their customer support is in India, where 90% of them have no clue about their own product and they act like they never understand the issues that you try to communicate to them. Then I had to make more new cases, because they couldn`t call me. They deliberately not pay out the right amount of coins. They really cant give a shit.

As a side note, I'd hate to entertain the thought that our fellow members here might be shifty, but you may want to censor your e-mail address and perhaps spoil the two logs into separate spoilers for ease of reading.

But now I can't because of an error that the customer service doesn't seem to care about.

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Akhilesh: Marco, is there anything else I can help you with today?Akhilesh: Take your time.Alternatively, you may call us at 1-866-773-0221.

This company and its history of Substandard service should be bought out, shut down or sell these game titles they can't provide adequate services for. This game will not boot up. This is why I am asking here: I need a phone number for a Western country so that I can communicate clearly the issue I am having, as those on live-chat seem to have no clue what's going on. This issue has affect hundreds if not thousands of customers.

What kind of LAME EXCUSE to terrible customer service is this? When I first got this issue it was with the expansion pack ambitions not the base game. When asked when I would be contacted by their team as it's just a simple refund that shouldn't have taken this long, he replied with ''I don't know''. Which I have later found is just a BS way to not deal with customer issues and EXTREMELY common theme on message boards.

Which gave players access to the Downloadable Content, which they refused to release any details on prior. You: I have a photograph of the CD key if that would help. You: I think I'm good to go for now, Akhilesh.

Microsoft graciously refunded my money. More often than not they fail in the last minutes avoiding any progress and often taking earned content like battle packs they charge for as well. New Spore: Speed and other stats are now a rating, you can have long legged creatures that move slowly because their feet have a bad speed stat, while stubby one legged creatures can zoom along if you put on the 'faster' feet.

Not only did we fix the problem in record time, the guy was one of the nicest blokes I ever had the pleasure of talking to. Now I try to call again, at least one more time before I lose my cool, and for some reason the call option completely disappeared! Of what happened and he didn't seem to understand fully what i was trying to say.

I then asked for a sup and the line went quite I then waited on the phone with dead air for over 10 mins and then the call completely hung up on me. I then asked their customer service rep for contact details to make a complaint because had I not have made an inquiry about my refund, I wouldn't have been told there was an issue. I tried to contact EA Games through the Support sections, but there is no way to contact them for support.

Calling customer service is a pain in the butt. Cathryne: Oh wow, yes - I guess that does show how long you've been playing! Com makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information herein provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from the use thereof. Currently, this is the only way to contact EA. Dead Space mobile phone game - Purchased this title from the video game developing giant EA. Do you guys still have a call center?

I am so upset I have spent $$$ on this game and now I can't even play it when I want because EA can not resolve issues. I click "Having trouble accessing your account". I even restored my computer, deleted files and programs, reinstalled and repaired Origin and the games.

  • " aloud and wait to speak to a real person.
  • 'Okay, the second guy must end up being an idiot' I tell myself.
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Thanks for replying tho! The DICE map and mission designs take upwards of an hour to 90 minutes to complete. The advisors did not fix my problem and till this day they are still "working" on the issue. The game basically was put out unfinished.

Just write down your query on a sheet of A4, roll it up into a ball, and toss it into the nearest wheelie bin and you'll receive the same level of customer care as you would have from phoning them. Keep this ** service up and I'll drop all your ** games and stop buying anything with an EA tag on it. Live chat is text so who cares.

Tried explaining nobody on the planet has a manual for fifa 12 since it's included on the disk only. Tweet us there with your questions so we can help you! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. Usually just a conflict with your browser's plugins. We subscribe to two separate access accounts and have game titles across multiple accounts and 3 different devices (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One). What a waste of my time for a dumbass game. What country are you from?

Before you accuse me of being an EA cocksucker, go through my posts and behold the sea of hate I have for EA.

On 07-20-2015, I did buy Battlefield 4 Premium membership (order #**) for $41. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE think twice before purchasing a game from EA Games or Origin as you face having to deal with their incompetent, untrained members of staff who clearly don't know what they're doing. Please try again later. REGARDLESS of the permissions I gave through XBOX controls. Scroll to the bottom of the game page, and click the Contact Us button.

Spore 2005: Depending on how you build your creature it changes how that creature fits into the world. Sticking to pre-written answers bia e-mail comes a lot cheaper, same results. Subreddit:aww site:imgur. Thank you for your time.

I have Origin accepted on my antivirus/firewall, And I have tried disabling all those things. I have The Sims 3 and a bunch of expansion packs. I have had the Same issue for over a week. I hope every EA employee gets anally rapped by a herpes infested silverback gorilla before having bamboo splinters shoved in between their fingernails while someone sews their ****ing eyelids shut after dropping sulfuric acid in them.

If you're new here, I suggest reading the forum guidelines, found in the "General Discussion" forum section. If your issue is listed here, click on the link and the answers to these common issues will be displayed. In hindsight, the DLC was not worth the price of a essentially a 2nd game. In order to protect our customers, we sometimes require additional verification and it can take up to 48 hours to complete an order.

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  2. A week later I contacted their customer service by phone because my issue STILL hasn't been solved and I STILL haven't received my refund.
  3. Absolutely stunned me how well my problem was handled.
    • And they say: it is still my fault, my internet is bad, my provider is bad, xbox must be broken, they never say I have lag because of their horrible servers and broken gameplay.
    • Akhilesh: Enjoy your game!
    • I also own Battlefield 4 and Hardline that I received as gifts.
    • The customer service works about as well as the game does.
    • I've been playing BF4 for awhile now and almost every time I log in to play my squad and the opposite team are invisible.

    But then the patching files shown up for the launcher so I hit to patch sims 3 to see what happens after the patch was complete the sims 3 launcher shown up and hit play to enter in the game was able to enter the game and get to the menu screen went back into origin after closing sims 3 to relaunch sims 3 to see if I get the other error and I did hit play now to see if the game would launch again even after the error I was able to get the sims 3 launcher up and open.

    I try to play The Sims 4 free trial but I couldn't because it will not launch at all. I would have to try again tomorrow. I would like to transfer my BF4 game to my friend's account but I can't find the live support. I would never buy another item from EA or origin because they are SCAMMERS and low down. I would really appreciate a phone call or email from the Customer Relations department. I would say, "It's in the game.

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    2. Account was compromised, tried to use the live chat but it gets stuck at "Thanks for contacting EA!
    3. After 2 days, I finally installed the collection and started playing with the games.
    4. After 75+ emails and over 100s of phone calls and 6 months later they still claim that their studio team is working on it.
    5. After defeating the TOTW 6 solo challenge, I never received the TOTW 6 collectible.
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      I preordered the Madden 18 GOAT edition (spent $20 extra dollars on bonus content) and never received it. I purchased The Sims 3 and the following expansion packs: University, Generations, Late Night, High end Loft, Seasons, and World Adventures from Origin in January of 2016. I recently bought a 60 dollar copy of Battlefield 1 new. I said this, and the representative started antagonizing me.

      Friendly, but not efficient. Go to the Contact Us page of EA’s website. Has hung up on me when asking for a sup. I am a Battlelog Moderator and do not officially represent EA/DICE/VISCERAL.

      It makes me feel like I'm an athlete as well, without really being physical. It takes about 20 minutes to get rid of them all. I’ve been promised many times for them to reach back out to me with answers and resolutions and no one ever does and this goes on each time for about a week of me calling many times a day every day for a week till I get tired of all the fighting and give up for a few.

      Infact its better to die then to run your over miles of land to get back to your nest if you need to mate. Info: You are now ready to chat with Akhilesh. Instead, the game gave me a "QUICK SELL ITEM" (WTF IS THAT? Is there anyway to get back to the sms code notification? It got me thinking about EA as a corporate hivemind compared to the individual customer service reps. It got me thinking about EA as a corporate hivemind compared to the individual customer service reps.

      And that maybe the reps aren't always the problem.

      Don't make the mistake I did. EA account does not show any error or warning. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY CREDITED, NO WEAPON, VEHICLE OR GEAR MANUFACTURER IS AFFILIATED WITH OR HAS SPONSORED OR ENDORSED THIS GAME. Error with just the sims 3 base game installed no expansions installed is when opening the sims 3 game from origin launcher I get a error saying the game is still downloading even though the game has been full downloaded and installed with entering the product code.

      The hacker apparently changed the email address, security questions, country to Afghanistan and my display name. The option is not shown if you are outside of those hours, but it does state the hours of operation at the bottom of the page when you are given the chat option. The tech was very nice and he did try but he then informed me I would need a specialist to resolve my issue and there are none there at the time.

      This time there was no option to get a call from a tech Only live chat which I hate. This was my first console, I'm usually a computer gamer and I thought deluxe meant deluxe but I was wrong. To find live chat support for a Microsoft product, log in to the support site with a Microsoft account, as of 2015. To my surprise (sarcasm), I was told that I'd have to wait for their 'account and billing team' (whoever they are) to contact me and only then, can I make a complaint.

      I'll have to actually get an Origin account, then; I'm currently logged in via Facebook. I'm certain Sansha would love to hear from him. I'm certain Sansha would love to hear from him. I'm trying to open a hacked account ticket (as instructed by this link:). If the game you’re looking for is not displayed here, type in the name of the game on the “Search all products” field on the upper-right area of the page.

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