I am not automatically offended because someone is interested in me. Attraction or interest is not the problem. Plenty of people flirt with the cashiers, it's par for the job and we all know it. Lol top,post in /r/seduction is don't pick up the cashier girl.

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  4. Every time i have tried that i've regretted it. For a little more backstory I'm a college graduate and in my early twenties. Girl says, "next in line please?

    Please include your IP address in your email. Poured £50 a month into the save as you earn scheme (Had a few on the go at once), plus more money into the buy as you earn scheme. Pretty sure she is like 10 years younger than me. Racer8dan is your response "me too"?

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    I'm not ugly but I'm hardly Casanova. I'm prepared to be shot down, I just wanna try lol. I'm pretty sure most companies mandate you look directly at the customer and say something along the lines of "did you find everything alright? If all else fails, grab one of the paper groceries bags and punch a hole through the bottom of it, look her in the eye, and say "thats not the only thing I can knock the bottom out of".

    Let's say if a woman at GameStop is buying skyrim. Lol thanks for that. Make sure while you are telling her all these things, you are exhailing through your mouth very hard, blowing your breath right at her. Me and my friend from a few months ago went to get groceries and when we got past the cashier, I looked at my friend and told him that either I or him should have made a move on her.

    But other times there have been when I was feeling really confident and outgoing and flirting came natural with me and her. Compliments are ok, just remember what i said. Don't bother people at work, it makes her uncomfortable and can cost her a job. Don't linger, but whatever you say or do has to REALLY make an impact. Don't wait too long to do it though. Don't worry about whether she's single; I did my little "trick" more than once. Don't you get tired of greeting people all day?

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    And even if the average guy gets the girls number, she more than likely won't answer her phone or go on a date with him. Answer, but if she happens to say something like “I’m really tired” jump on it. Any personal stories are welcome and will be appreciatied. Anyways, my point is with this you're never gonna know, they're gonna be friendly no matter what. Are you here to get advice or brag that a cashier was nice to you?

    Well considering that 90% of the time the Cashier hates whoever walks into the door, I'd say hope you get lucky finding her somewhere else. What kind of store are you in? When I checked out it was the standard deal. When customers do that, the cashier will usually still be nice, which could be misconstrued as flirting back, which isn't always the case. When she asks your number for rewards card bullshit, give it to her.

    I was in the magazine section of a supermarket reading a magazine (obviously) when some guy with a baby strapped to his chest walk over and picked up a. I was wondering if you'd like to go out for a bite to eat once you're off? I would suggest that you don't flirt with her unless you are positive that she may be interested in you. I'm a cashier I don't get paid to be nice but I am nice, almost all the cashiers I work with are encouraged to smile, help and start conversations.

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    A few times some men have been serious and slipped me their number or even asked for mine.

    She most likely is going to give you the generic “good how about you? She's in customer service and it's pretty much her job to make people feel welcomed and such. She's working at a smoothie place, and they're all really relaxed and friendly there. Since no one was around and he wasn't busy. Sitting and staring isn't really Flirting although I think that there is an argument for it.

    Take it from a cashier who has worked with some very attractive cashiers. Tell her things like, she is the most beautiful woman you have ever laid eyes on, how much and how deeply you love her, how you have waited your whole life to find her. Tell the sister to hook you up, unless when flirts first its kinda rude to hit on someone while they are working. That comes off a little desperate; now if you want to have a magnum peeking out of your wallet when you go to pay.

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    Seriously, just make small talk with her, find out if she is available. Sets a bit of a bad precedent with the girl but at least I get a chance to properly talk to her. She looked at it smiled huge and stuffed it into her pocket.

    It works well because most at most places girls probably aren’t supposed to be giving out there number, but this allows them to be sneaky about it. Just stop overthinking it and do it! Legit creep achievement unlocked.

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    If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number. If you want to make an impression on her, without coming on to her or begin so forward, do something to set you apart from the other customers. In proofing myself, I act as if my signing the debit receipt is me giving the clerk my autograph.

    The last thing you'd want is for someone to hit on you/monopolizing your time. The opinions expressed are those of the individual authors and may not reflect those of the owners of this site. The other is as though everything is a miracle. The other one gave me a number, and when i texted her to see if she wanted to go out, said "she wasn't looking to get into anything", whatever that means. Then I realized suggestion does both. Then my friend borrowed my Game Cube to take to her house.

    Girl says, "next in line please? HOWEVER, it can't hurt to go back. Have you talked to this girl at all? Her: "Hi, I'm good thanks for asking. How did you approach the Walmart cashier and how did you find out he has a girlfriend?

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    Too bad I ain't one. Try some more chat, see what happens. Unless you are positive they are single, and they are interested, and there is no other opportunity to ask them out, I would not approach them while they are working. Was shy when i was like 16. Was this high school? Well I met a cashier at target hot as can be, her bein a cashier greets everyone n ask how you are I responded "pretty good, n yourself?

    "since you just rung me up can I ring you up later?A few bucks to buy some more time and then rely on my charm.A few months later, I went up to the other room in my apartment complex where my friend lives and she was sitting on a chair next to another dude.

    This gives you another opp to flirt with with him. This is by far the best method. This new guy his store is very busy even at 8:30 in the morning!

    That way she will be relaxed and appreciate that you respect her as a professional. That's not fully true. The best thing you can do is give her your number. The hottest girl in the world could walk in and if she was holding up the line, I'd be pissed as hell.

    • I've seen a friend ask a cute cashier out with romantic dinner ingredients, no wine or condoms.
    • If she likes you she'll give it to you and if she doesn't dont push it.
    • He wasn't just being friendly.

    Smile and ask when her break is. So if I did score a date for after work I had a mobile place where I could drive us for some privacy. So like my stupid self I did ask her and she gave me the most evil stare ever and called me a pervert. So there was this good looking girl working at a key store. Something that will let them know that im not just trying to make conversation and at the same time peak their interest. Somewhat startled by her unexpected question, Maurice mumbled, "Sure, why not?

    You suggest the event and drop your card on her.

    If she does, you can slap me] You'll feel it if there's a connection, its all about eye contact, my friend. If she says she has a boyfriend. If she says she has a boyfriend. If the place is busy, she's probably focused on working and trying to move the customers through the line as fast as possible, so you really aren't going to have a lot of time to say much of anything. If they are interested they will let you know.

    • " /drops pen and paper in authoritative fashion on the counter with a smile on and maintaining eye contact.
    • " Besides, I'm not a fan of Twilight.
    • "If you weren't working" allows her to respond to your offer in a way she chooses.

    Instead, hang out around the employee break room and ask around to find out when her shift ends, then wait for her outside the employee exit or at her car for when she leaves. It has always worked for me to find out about boyfriends. It may work for some, but as a girl who has worked in retail and foodservice, I am turned off by the douchey loud guy because I expect him to be just that - a douche.

    How should I do this, GAF? However if I think I will be coming back, then there's no rush and I will try to show her my personality first, and if after 1 or 2 interactions I'll ask her. I am not saying this is a good game, but I think you really take it overboard with the entitlement thing. I get hit on very frequently. I go into a cool, trendy cafe for lunch. I need advice and i know somebody here has it, so lay it on me. I remind you of that thread because a look can be misinterpreted.

    As always, what have you got to lose? As soon as he walked out, shy (and yet shockingly handsome) Maurice kicked himself for not engaging in what she had obviously hoped would be a flirtation. Basically I'm gonna go back to the supermarket once or twice, if she's there I'll buy something and when I'm checking out I'll ask her how her day has been or how's she doing and be a little flirtatious and just segway into meeting her latter or getting her number.

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    I say just do it anyways, are you sure this isn't just an excuse to not get flirtatious? I see you all the time, who are you? I see you have an entire flounder there. I very much appreciate your desire to help. I was drunk once, and went to the grocery store, and asked the girl if the beep noise after you scan the item gets annoying.

    Me: "Hey, how are you? Most of them are young. One of my friends asked me to go up to her and ask her if I can have a key to open up your legs. One thing led to another and I got her number and a date with her to watch toy story 3 this week. PUANinja that's smooth man. People slate Tesco and other supermarket workers, but there's rarely a better option at the time.

    When you're checking out, ask: "So hey, do you know how to make this shit because I have no fucking idea. While I respect your opinion as a female gas station worker antonarnia, I feel as though I must remind pua's here to ask the fisherman how to best catch fish, and not the fish themselves. Who were mostly coming in for a pack of gum or cigarettes. With that being said, locate those balls of yours, and ask her for her number already.

    All I'm saying is be sociable and just speak up you never know who you'll meet and where it can lead you.

    Additional giveaways are planned.
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    You can only upload files of type 3GP, 3GPP, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or RM. You might not want to shit where you eat. You might say Wow! You need to be cute and sweet about it otherwise she'll be like.

    With the Walmart cashier it was easier to talk to him since no one was around us. Wooow cool it there buddy. Yea I tried to talk him up and say its not easy for him try that and he must have been nervous blab blah so that he wouldn't have to be embarrassed to come back but they just kept on the subject of not liking to be hit on at work.

    They hate anyone and anything that puts more on to their workload. They just hate their jobs. Thing is, it works best if you have just met or seen her for the first time. This Works EVERY Time!

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    Basically you're taking advantage of the fact that she has to be nice and polite to you, whether that's your intention or not. But if you are over 21, I would engage him in a conversation or several conversations and leave time for him to ask you for your number. But if you feel as though the two of you have somewhat of a connection, stop being a noob, and ask to exchange digits with her. But if you really want him to have your number, talk to him.

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