Find Dell Support channels like email, chat, and telephone numbers for your Dell computer. Tech Support Troubleshoot and fix hardware and operating system issues, or ask question regarding your warranty. I need to speak with technical support regarding my current Dell system. Dell offers technical support via phone. Check on the status or view the history of your Dell Product Support.

The bulk of the call was actually spent getting an automated phone tree to work and giving all of my data, like the laptop’s service tag number, to Justine so she would start providing instructions. The ease of custom putting together a computer, ordering it, and getting service for it. The language barrier was extremely frustrating.

I was on hold for 3 minutes and 40 seconds before the service tag was verified, then was put on hold again for 30 seconds before being connected to Sonny in India. I was on the phone for 8 minutes and 36 seconds. I will never buy another dell product. I will spend my time blogging about this issue and raise awareness how bad this company is.


Service provided after sales in India is very bad and quality of products are worst third class level they are charging us alot of money like they are carrying brand name but Dell is now not making quality products from day first I am facing issue with laptop. Taxes, shipping, handling and other fees apply. That said let me recap for you.

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Founded in 2005, Consumerist® is an independent source of consumer news and information published by Consumer Media LLC, a not-for-profit subsidiary of Consumer Reports. From dial tone to hang-up, it took 17 minutes and 34 seconds. Have been on the phone with Dell premium support for 40 minutes now. He asked if I'd like to buy one - because the problem wasn't covered by the warranty.

Not applicable where contractual pricing agreements exist. Not to mention that many barely understand your issue, and anything more complicated then "how to set up the basics takes a lot longer then a half hour". Not worth for money.

When she finally got Dell to take the laptop in for repairs, Dell somehow helpfully cracked her LCD. When you crack your windshield do you expect Caddilac to fix it? Will I receive an installation disc for this Office suite in case I need to reinstall? Will my system include a restore disc (re-installation disc)?

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Enough so that I've gotten several family members on their computers. Exactly 1 day after the return period lapsed, Dell admitted that my brand new $1500 computer was a lemon. For instance, Alienware has its own phone number, as do phones, small business help and different types of warranties. Found it had been cancelled by 10am.

They did not help me with my computer one bit and then once I proceeded to ask for a way to send in my broken computer for them to fix it, they still continued to get me to fix it myself. They didn't only refuse to send me a new laptop but also let me wait now already for four months to fix my motherboard. They even said I should install Linux Mint or buy a Windows license. They may be found on the or by calling 1-800-372-3355.

Bad Battery, under warranty.Because I didn't use the xps8900 until 10 weeks after I bought it.

I had problems of flickering screen and my screen keeps going blank intermittently (along with a loud continual sound as if the fan had jammed) and I had to force shutdown. I have a dell laptop that has just decided to not turn on. I need to speak with Customer Care regarding a system I’ve already purchased/own.

He wanted to put me on hold again, when I suggested that because it was a software question, he could help me without my warranty status. Het gebruik van het programma valt eveneens onder de voorwaarden van uw en de (indien in de VS) of onder de geldende serviceovereenkomst en verkoopvoorwaarden op uw lokale landspecifieke pagina op Dell. Hierdoor kan tijdelijk de kwaliteit van de Software verminderen of kan de Software niet goed of helemaal niet werken.

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They refuse to send me a new one. This allows them to treat their customers however they feel like with no thought of repercussion or care that it is the customer that pays for the company's existence. This can be found by visiting and selecting your country in the menu box towards the bottom of the page. This page was last modified on 29 August 2017, at 18:19. This review got the top of the ice berg.

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Houd er rekening mee dat het installatieprogramma beheerdersrechten nodig heeft om de installatie uit te voeren. Houd uw bestelnummer bij de hand. I am a business owner and had my IT department attempt to work out these issues but were unable to do so.

Notebook was less than 1 day old, it made me feel like opening up a bag of worms. Onze excuses voor het ongemak. Or you can use a short phrase to describe what you’re calling about, for example you can say things like “buy a desktop computer for my home”, or “my computer is frozen” now tell me what you’re calling about. Over the past decade I've purchased more and more valuable models from them.

I'm researching an article for Laptop Magazine. I'm sorry but your review doesn't address more important customer service issues. I've already told Indian guy who refuses to give his name or employee Id number I will take this computer out and put it out of its misery and mine with some well placed rifle rounds and place on youtube. I've had the service for two years, and have never had even one bad consultation.

Lees de onderstaande voorwaarden en klik op "Ja, ik ga akkoord" als u ermee instemt. My company bought me a Latitude E5450/5450 one year ago. My computer is running as cleanly and quickly as the day I bought it thanks to them. My first call was a late (11:45 p. My next step was to call Dell support.

  1. Als u op “Ja, ik ga akkoord” klikt, staat u toe dat Dell in het register op uw computer een vermelding opslaat waardoor dell.
  2. An unfortunate change from service I've been given in the past.
  3. And every day for the next week I shove it in his face how he was telling me every day he could do this for me but for some reason was not doing anything for me.
  4. De voorwaarden van deze Overeenkomst verlenen u geen recht op onderhoud of support voor de Software. Dell Premier Support is a Joke! Dell mag geplande of niet-geplande reparaties of onderhoud uitvoeren, of op afstand een patch of upgrade uitvoeren voor de Software op haar eigen en uw computersystemen. Dell offers technical support via phone and chat.

    Did the online chat, had two techs tell me the were the wrong ones to help, sent me back into the same que and am still waiting for the 3rd tech to come online. Did the writer preface contact with, "Hello Dell Representative. Do not buy Dell if you travel abroad. Dubbelklik op het gedownloade bestand om de installatie te starten. During the call, there was a brief 1- minute hold while she researched, but there was no waiting otherwise.

    If you get one that actually works, it was an accident. If your laptop is still under warranty, your best bet would be to contact Dell's customer support. It was April 2nd or 3rd I got out of work to a voice mail very poor quality says some numbers and takes so long to ramble in whatever language they talk in India that the recording cuts off probably half of the speech. It worked fine for 6 weeks before packing up.

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    U kunt een servicetag of expressservicecode gebruiken om de meeste Dell producten te identificeren. U stemt ermee in om deze wetten na te leven. Updates, patches of waarschuwingen kunnen vanaf Dell servers verstuurd worden. Volg de aanwijzingen op het scherm om de installatie uit te voeren. Voor zover toegestaan door de lokale wetgeving is op deze Overeenkomst de wetgeving van de staat Texas van toepassing, zonder inachtneming van richtlijnen ten aanzien van strijdige wetgeving.

    You can view the limitations of OEM licensing at www. You have two options. Your email address is being recorded so you can receive a copy of the chat transcript for your own records. Zoek het DellSystemDetect bestand in het downloadvenster of de downloadlocatie.

    1. Anyway this guy told me he did not know what he could help me with until I gave him my name and service tag or support number.
    2. As mentioned previously I am a business owner and need a computer to operate.
    3. As of this moment, my Inspiron is in the repair shop.
    4. As something of a computer novice, I decided to purchase the Dell Concierge Service for a little over $200/yr.
    5. Yes, all of the reps are from India, but I have never had a single issue understanding them; they know what they're doing regarding my computer and then some; and they're trained very well in politeness. Yes, but the Canada Dell site cannot ship to an overseas location. Yes, online orders are manually pulled through by our online team. You can call our order status line at 1-800-906-3355.

      • All of his suggestions were for obvious fixes that can be found online.
      • Dell offers support via phone and chat.
      • It will bluescreen up to 40 times per day.
      • I need to speak with Customer Care regarding a system I’ve already purchased/own.

      Promise of obtaining stock within five days is unreliable. Promotional offer applies to commercial customers with less than 500 employees only. Remember to back-up your data.

      • "Gebruiken" betekent het installeren, opslaan, laden, uitvoeren en weergeven van de Software.
      • A refund is where you give me the money I paid for a thing back to me because it does not work and it is under warranty.
      • Accountmanagers van Dell kunnen u helpen bij het volgen en beheren van uw aankopen of met ontbrekende, beschadigde of onjuiste bestellingen.
      • Against my inner judgment, I bought a Dell Inspiron based on the assurance by sales rep that Dell had worked out many of its problems as to product and tech support.
      • All my calls and emails seem to get me nowhere.
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      I placed the order and received a confirmation email stating the order was placed and went into production. I purchased a preinstalled version of Microsoft Office. I spoke with many reps named Karash and PuhLeep. I used to be loyal to dell but even now the premium support I paid the price of my laptop for is utterly worthless. I was hoping he would point me to the preinstalled Killer Network Manager, which works with Dell’s Killer Networking Wi-Fi card and supports prioritization by apps.

      It’s too late for this information to help Janna, but this is a good opportunity to remind everyone that when ordering from Dell, rather than their consumer site in order to get far superior technical support and customer service. Janna’s Dell laptop broke, but it was still under warranty. Klik op de knop Installeren in de wizard om de installatie te voltooien en de Dell System Detect applicatie te starten. Klik op het gedownloade bestand om het uit te voeren.

      The number of complaints are a joke. The other half of the time they don't solve any problem at all. The other negative reviews on this site basically tells the same story. The service engineer, who was due to arrive yesterday telephoned to say that the parts will be procured in five days.

      Vul de code opnieuw in of selecteer hieronder uw product. Want to waste your time waiting days for a repair request get a Dell, want to work with your computers buy anything else. We called without this support. Went through entire process again. When buying from Dell, consumers can pay extra to extend the warranty up to four years, and to move from Basic to ProSupport to ProSupport plus plans.

      I asked them about electrostatic discharge risks, and they asked me what I meant. I do not know how much clearer I can be. I had Dell computers in the past but after 5 months to get my laptop or money back, I get back to a different brand. I had forgotten and sent a email to the first one the next day, Tuesday, saying how upset and unhelpful the whole thing had been.

      Phone Menu Transcription: If you call the number above you will get the options below. Phone calls later, it was processed and shipped. Probeer het later nog eens.

      1. And left me to reformat the system.
      2. And refund is not possible.
      3. And that has been forwarded to the escalations team, yet again.
      4. And the machines are designed to fail.
      5. And then a message was sent to a higher authority and something would happen in 24-48 hours this had the highest priority attached to it.
      6. Can I trade my old system in for a discount towards a new purchase?Computers later, 3 home service calls in which the changed the keyboard twice, the screen twice, the hard drive, LAN card, twice being sent to dell techs, they finally decide to replace it with a refurbished piece of shit that is not working properly to this day, one year later.DELL OF DIENS LEVERANCIERS ZIJN IN GEEN ENKEL GEVAL AANSPRAKELIJK VOOR ENIGE SCHADE (WAARONDER, MAAR NIET BEPERKT TOT, WINSTDERVING, ONDERBREKING VAN DE BEDRIJFSVOERING, VERLIES VAN BEDRIJFSGEGEVENS OF ANDERE DATA) DIE VOORTVLOEIT UIT HET GEBRUIK OF DE ONMOGELIJKHEID VAN GEBRUIK VAN DE SOFTWARE, ZELFS INDIEN DELL OP DE HOOGTE IS GESTELD VAN DE MOGELIJKHEID VAN DERGELIJKE SCHADE.
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        Best tech decision I've ever made.Can I trade my old system in for a discount toward a new purchase?

        Dell offers technical support via phone and chat. Despite its wealth of information, I didn’t always get correct information from Dell. Deze licentie is van kracht totdat deze wordt beëindigd.

        There’s an “interactive support agent” that filters FAQs based on your unique issues, but I didn’t find my specific problem. They are like the insurance companies that deny all claims until you literally have to get a lawyer and sue them. They are not concered they know you can not talk to any one else but them.

        • All prices exclude taxes and environmental advanced disposal surcharges where applicable.
        • Als het bij uw Dell computer of apparaat meegeleverde pakket, optische schijven en andere storagemedia bevat, dient u alleen de media te gebruiken die geschikt zijn voor uw computer of apparaat.
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