The Courtyards at 411 Meeting Street has apartments for rent in Charleston, SC. Ratings & reviews of Courtyards at 411 Meeting Street in Charleston, SC. Find the best-rated Charleston apartments for rent near Courtyards at 411 Meeting.

I do see cars getting broken into, but my theory is,If you leave clothes, cd´s,money, or anything visible in your car it is gone. I even spoke to the management about this and she didn't even seem like she cared. I had a roomate situation and the staff helped me out by letting me switch apartments. I have family come here twice a year and they love it, they either stay with me or rent the nice guest apt. I have had problems with my dishwasher (numerous times), fridge, and air conditioning unit.

In the window that pops up, make sure Location is set to Ask or Allow. It is funny how one day i was fighting them in 'nam and next day they are writing reviews, critisizing our way of life. It's the nature of living in extremely close quarters with your thousand or so new best friends. John's Island has some of the nicest apartments for rent in Charleston. Just as one of the reviews states, when I visited I was shown their model.

You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. You have sworn revenge and will hover over any decent rating of this great place and accuse them of either working for the place or not telling the truth. You see, this is one of the few places(if not the only one) that has the pool. You're living next to everything downtown (a block from a grocery store and the popular bars, location, location, location). You're not going to find a nicer place DOWNTOWN Charleston at this price.

They do it the right the first time so it doesn't need to be redone. They have been under new management for less than a year and the new management has done wonferfully in my opnion. They hold parties for us like happy hours at local bars, or they do this thing called movie night.

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They may look new but that is because they paint the wood biannually. They take care of complaints! They then stopped at the gas station accross from Marion square where somebody began to follow them.

Everyone at College of Charleston will agree that the city could not be more perfect for college students. Fast-forward a few weeks as my brand new Jeep gets the soft-top slashed from top to bottom. Go to Broad Street and look at the 1600 dollar 2 bed 1 bath with wall unit air, and 200 yr old appliances. Good folks who worked with me on whatever I needed, and who are regularly making improvements. Good luck finding your new place!

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Looking for that perfect apartment but have a specific spending limit? Lots and lots of residents have left for that reason. Maintenance is prompt, professional, and willing to help with any issue you have--they were right on top of things when I reported a leaky roof, though it took a few months to locate the exact problem. Managed by a professional and friendly team. Niether did the police. No heads up or when it will be cut back on. No heads up or when it will be cut back on.

I have lived here almost a year, and plan on staying. I have only had one work order and it was completed the same day. I know many people don't write good reviews, but I think that the courtyards is a good place to live. I lived here approximately a month. I lived in the Courtyards for 2 years. I moved to the Charleston area for work. I'm in the process of moving out of the Courtyards and I couldn't be happier.

I'm just happy I can afford to live in downtown, and I don't have to live with roommates anymore! I'm moving to Charleston and I sincerely hope there are more enlightened people in other apartment buildings. I'm picturing this jerk walking into the offices and whining about things.

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  • The only upsides to living here are the convenient location, friendly housing staff and attentive maintenance staff.
  • Uptown / Cannonborough / Elliotborough is a great place in which to find your new Charleston apartment.
  • I highly recommended it to the people taking my job next year and coming to Charleston, as did the ones before us and the ones before them!
  • I have been trying to work with the office on this matter and no one has so much as called me back.

I absolutely love having them in this apartment complex. I also have lost my key about 4 times and have been saved by just being able to walk in the office and have them make me a new one. I am a current resident who enjoys living here. I can't wait to get out of this place. I didn't have time to get my package one day and the manager offered to put it in my home that day.

Overall, if you like dealing with fake people who don't have any people skills, then the Courtyards is the place to be. Overall, these people are clearly dedicated to their jobs. Perhaps speculating by race wasn't the way to put it, but I don't want to live where non-residents and unwelcome guests frequently meander around. Please never pay rent to this awful complex! Point being, if you want your daughter safe, keep her out of the courtyards!

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  • And I also like the idea of free parking but the spaces are too small for even my tiny cobalt and I have so many scratch marks and dents in my baby from parking here and thats if I can find a parking spot at all.
  • And after you sign it, you're out of luck when you need anything.
  • And by the way, the reason I lived here again was because I wa gone all summer and when I came back my good riend needed a roomate and I really didnt have anywhere else.
Best of luck in your search!Best place I've lived downtown!Both jeremy and cantstand will be washing my car one day.

The appliances inside are not well maintained. The external paint on the buildings could definitely use an update, but other than that I love living here! The front gate was not fixed for 6 months, until 2 girls were robbed inside the premises. The gym is 24 hours and is small but still has everything you need in it. The hot water heater has turned itself off twice.

No worries - our apartment finder will help you look for that ideal Downtown / French Quarter apartment for rent that will meet your needs and fit your budget. Our can also help you learn more about the in's and out's of apartment living. Over all I would still recommend the courtyards to other people for lots of reasons, comparing to other apartments in Charleston it is very affordable, especially for someone who desires to live alone or with just one other person.

What if grandma wants to send you a surprise?!? With access, was in our apartment. Yes the complex was built in the early 80s but they do a great job with it. Yes, as the guy said before there is a liquor store near the complex, however, the office offered me different floor plans and let me choose which apt.

Pool parties go til 4am very often. So good luck if you actually have a job. So good luck to those who have a two bedroom or have more than one car. Some were proposed but got cancelled due to the real estate downturn.

But overall I do NOT recommend this place, especially because of the apathetic management in the office.But that is just the start, almost every night i am woken up to drunken college students screaming and partying.

Lastly, thanks to Robin for her patience this morning as it took over an hour on an office phone to get a problem with AT&T corrected. Let MyNewPlace help you locate that impeccable apartment that meets both your needs and your budget. Let MyNewPlace help you search for that impeccable apartment that meets both your needs and your budget. Look in the paper and ask around, you can definitely find a nicer place to live for the same price or cheaper!

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The internet that they require you to pay for sucks and doesn't look like it's going to get any better and maintenance always tells you that they've "ordered the part and it should be in soon. The landscaping is always kept perfect and there is even a peaceful courtyard area in the bak that you can go to read or walk your dog. The last day of repair (for damage they actually admitted was worse then expected. The leasing manager, has absolutely no idea what she is doing.

This isn't a retirement community. This was during Christmas and Thanksgiving! This was with our carpet soaked with water. Throughout the day the neihgborhood hoodlems would scale the fences and run through the walkways and parking lot. We had perks that made the place attractive and social that she took away as soon as she became manager.

HORRIBLE place to live with even HORRIBLE management. He was later hired as a maintenance man! However, the building is in bad shape: crumbling stairs, chipping paint, rotting wood on the balconies, etc.

  1. And when I was moving in, my mom was helping me carry stuff up to the apartment and the elevator closed on her cutting up her hand pretty bad, and they just recently fixed it.
  2. Any city USA, you don´t leave crap in your car.
  3. Anybody know what to do about it?
  4. Apartments are frequently broken into and my bike was stolen while it was locked to one of the bike racks (after two months).
  5. I'm really curious about that fresh coffee and DVD library, because I've never seen it. I've had to wash everything by hand all year. If I didn't want a yard for my dog, I wouldn't want to leave. If you like bugs, this is the place for you.

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    • A bit noisy because of location and the occasionally rowdy students, but that's downtown life.
    • All ages were there enjoying the evening.
    • Although the College is located downtown, Charleston has a really relaxed atmosphere, with friendly people and good food.

    Enjoy seafood at the local staple which is right on water and has views of the harbor. Every weekend night the cops are called out to break up the parties at least once. Everybody hates to visit the office because of her.

    The office staff are friendly and helpful. The only place to get a reliable signal is at the clubhouse, but it's still too slow to be useful for anything. The place is great for location you can walk anywhere. The rent situation could be a lot worse given the location of the apartments in downtown Charleston, and I'm guessing property upkeep costs a pretty penny in operating expenses every year. The staff has been posting positive reviews, violating the rules of Apartmentratings.

    The staff is generally friendly and helpful but routinely arrives late to open leasing office. The staff is, at best, unfriendly, at worst, rude. The washer and dryers only work half the time and barely dry your clothes. They didn't even have the decency to allow me to leave without penalty.

    Charleston's Downtown / French Quarter neighborhood has a lot of the city's best apartments, that sage green entryway (or whatever your dream interior looks like) is waiting for you on MyNewPlace! Charleston's Wagener Terrace neighborhood has many of the city's cutest apartment rentals, and MyNewPlace can help you find ones with a variety of great interiors such as a really nice foyer! Check nearby neighborhoods below to see all your options.

    1. Apartments have very small windows so they are kinda depressing.
    2. Behind the complex is a liquor store that if you walk past to go buy groceries, people will stand outside and ask you for money.
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      Sucks to you if you happen to get a room overlooking the liquor store and drug deals behind the building. The Courtyards appears to be a nice, clean, safe environment. The apartment rentals in West Ashley Inside Mark Clark are some of the best in Charleston, let MyNewPlace help you finally find that perfect foyer you've been looking for.

      The little, rather big, Palmetto bugs were a common sight. The maintenance people are really nice & helpful, but they deserve a better management. The maintenance staff is always extremly helpful and will respond to your calls immediately (if the office staff tells them). The minute someone opens their door & has a party going on inside you can hear it loud and clear. The office and maintenance staff have always been helpful.

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