SUGGESTED TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION MEETINGS. Slogans can be used as topics—such as “Live and Let Live,” “Easy. SMF-56 - Suggested Topics For Discussion Meetings.

Halt can't trigger us because there is no such thing as a trigger. He’d been there three times before, but he’d always returned to drinking soon after he was released. Hi Joe good topic this! How are you helping others today? I always thought I was too smart for AA,” a bespectacled, Nordic-looking man named Gary shared at a meeting in Hell’s Kitchen this past winter. I did'n think about the group in the beginning.

I felt safe for the first time in good while. I get bored of the same old same old, even though some of that is necessary for the newcomer. I go to lots of other meetings in the "big town" (lol), but I have literally fallen in love with the people in my Home Group.

  • AA did not object when Hazelden, a Minnesota facility founded in 1947 as “a sanatorium for curable alcoholics of the professional class,” made the steps the foundation of its treatment model.
  • AA is obviously not about to overhaul its 75-year-old formula.
  • AA is still far from ideal.
  • AA originated on the worst night of Bill Wilson’s life.
  • Alcohol spurs the release of more GABA, which inhibits neural activity, and clamps down on glutamate, which stimulates the brain.

I try to make all newcomers fel as comfortable as I am, while suggesting that they attend other meetings as well. I was the biggest agnostic you ever met. I wish it was discussed more. I wonder if it starts up some guilty feelings?

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That's not so important now, but back when I came in I was somewhat biggoted and hated having to strain myself to listen to the Scottish accent! The 39-year-old had spent his entire adult life chasing the ecstasy he had felt upon tasting his first cocktail some 17 years earlier. The church, located on the Upper West Side, can’t ask its staff to risk a dangerous commute. The core of AA is found in chapter five, entitled “How It Works.

My home group was the first place that the folks said keep coming back. NIDA and other government agencies are currently funding several studies that aim to use neural imaging technology to observe how various therapies affect addicted brains. No money ever changed hands—the steps essentially served as open source code that anyone was free to build upon, adding whatever features they wished. Note to social marketers, we do NOT allow blog spam here.

  • "In exchange for bottle and hangover, I have been given the keys to the kingdom.
  • A big part of the problem, of course, is AA’s strict anonymity policy, which makes it difficult for researchers to track members over months and years.
  • A is my home group and it is "ALL" special to me because I was not diverted and keep it as a whole.
  • A place for Redditors in recovery to hang out, share experiences, and support each other.
  • AA boomed in the early 1940s, aided by a glowing Saturday Evening Post profile and the public admission by a Cleveland Indians catcher, that joining the organization had done wonders for his game.

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When this approach failed, alcoholics were often consigned to bleak state hospitals. While it’s on the mend, AA functions as a temporary replacement—a prefrontal cortex made up of a cast of fellow drunks in a church basement, rather than neurons and synapses. Wilson settled on the number 12 because there were 12 apostles. Wilson would never drink again.

This, in turn, prods the impaired prefrontal cortex into resuming its regulatory mission. Tim Cook begins with a tribute to Steve Jobs, whose final project was the new Apple campus. Tired sharing gets tuned out.

In the beginning I just searched for help, every hand I coul hold on to was welcome, if not necessary to survive. It ain't all that much but it's better than nothing. It isn't that I don't get as much from the other, it's more like there are more opportunities at the one I joined than the other. It was 10 min from my house,thats a mtg I'll go to I told myself.

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How to confirm a meeting

One alcoholic might have a mesolimbic pathway that normalizes quickly after receiving a certain type of therapy, for example, while another will still suffer from dopamine disregulation despite receiving the same care. One of the old timers approached me after the meeting saying it was obvious that I'd chaired meetings previously. Others are prowled by men looking to introduce nubile newcomers to the “13th step”—AA slang for sexual exploitation.

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But now I'm out of ideas!

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Perhaps there is one sort of mind that is cut out for the cognitive behavioral approach and another that can be helped only by the 12 steps. Press the button until you find a topic on which you have information to share, or would like to learn more about at your meeting. Psychologists have long known that one of the best ways to change human behavior is to gather people with similar problems into groups, rather than treat them individually.

I like topics like that because it gets people sharing, and sharing about the message and hope rather than individual situations that would be better talking to a sponsor about. I recall 'hospital' being an interesting one which evoked many different experiences. I stayed as a member for 12 years at that meeting doing all the service positions all except the treasurer. I still don't think she believed me. I told her that it was because I felt at home and comfortable with the group.

It was fun, but gosh some of the different perceptions were fascinating. It was through the group that he met a surgeon and closet alcoholic named Robert Smith. I’ve been involved in a couple of meta-analyses of AA, which collapse the findings across many studies,” Tonigan says. Koerner wrote about the pathogen UG99 in issue 18.

But others aren’t so fortunate: Whether by virtue of genes that make them unusually sensitive to dopamine’s effects, or circumstances that lead them to seek chemical solace, they cannot resist the siren call of booze. But there is evidence that this may actually help foster a sense of intimacy between members, since the fundamental AA relationship is between fellow alcoholics rather than between alcoholics and the therapist. But this loose structure actually helped AA flourish.

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To understand the prefrontal cortex’s role in both addiction and recovery, you first need to understand how alcohol affects the brain. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our (effective 3/21/12) and (effective 3/21/12). Usually, a pattern starts and all the sudden you have a topic. Warning – content has not yet been rated. We have a Disease like book tells us.

But all that really matters now is that he’s sober.
  • I have been a regular member at the group im with now for about 6 years and i believe that my first group set up good AA practice that really inspired me i am so grateful to those people for the example they showed me.
  • In other words, given the organization’s open-door membership policy, it would be nearly impossible for researchers to prevent people in a control group from sneaking off to an AA meeting and thereby tainting the data.
  • They are like my extended family.

The hope is that these studies will reveal whether neurobiology can be used to predict a person’s odds of benefitting from one treatment over another. The next Friday I went to the mtg of that mans home group. The noon group is the one I almost exclusively attend. The sad fact remains that the program’s failures vastly outnumber its success stories. The strength within the meetings is really amazing.

I guess I enjoy the Fellowship more than anything at this particular meeting. I have seen group inventory used to such powerful effect - what a shame that expereince gets missed by so many people! I have two other homegroups - one a step meeting (with a tradition once a month), which I attend to keep myself rooted in the programme of action.

There is nothing in the Big Book that forbids the use of prescription drugs, but there are plenty of meetings where such pharmaceutical aids are frowned upon. There just isn't a lot of case history for this. These are not vague, generic topics. These are questions we’ve been trying to answer for, golly, 30 or 40 years now,” says Lee Ann Kaskutas, senior scientist at the in Emeryville, California.

Discuss the various ways to achieve and maintain a life free from active addiction. Everyone sharing about their thankfulness brought a great vibe to the whole meeting. Finally, the 12 steps address another major risk factor for relapse: stress.

Between 1989 and 1997, a multisite study called randomly assigned more than 1,700 alcoholics to one of three popular therapies used at professional treatment centers.Bob’s surrender became the official founding date of Alcoholics Anonymous.Both groups have a lot of "Longtimers" who had been with the groups for over 35 years.

But today there are several medications that have been proven to decrease the odds of relapse. By the early 1950s, as AA membership reached 100,000, Wilson began to step back from his invention. Com find submissions from "example. Despite thousands of studies conducted over the decades, no one has yet satisfactorily explained why some succeed in AA while others don’t, or even what percentage of alcoholics who try the steps will eventually become sober as a result.

REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Read our mtg in print called The Grapevine, it has these topics in it and more, it is read in mtgs for topics. Researchers continue to be surprised by just how powerful this effect is.

If it's a meeting full of new folks, then I consider meetings where people can share their experience, strength and hope, their experiences with a new life. If you try to randomly assign people to AA, you have a problem, because AA is free and is available all over the place,” says Alcohol Research Group’s Kaskutas. In a common disease, they have a bond,” he would later observe.

For me in early recovery its important that I attend a meeting any meeting. For most people, that buzz simply isn’t momentous enough to become the focal point of their lives. For my first chairing last week I chose the topic of gratitude, because I think it's important to focus on the positives and no matter where we are in our recovery we all have a lot to be grateful for. Good enough As mtg topics these are ok. Goodbye Milky Way;Hello Sober Day.

What happened next is an essential piece of AA lore: A white light filled Wilson’s hospital room, and God revealed himself to the shattered stockbroker. What it was like what happened and what it's like now is always good. What surrender and powerlessness mean to you.

Such forced attendees have little shot at benefiting from any sort of therapy—it’s widely agreed that a sincere desire to stop drinking is a mandatory prerequisite for getting sober. Th Step work ain't just a job. Thanks for the suggestions! That mtg became my home group. That quest destroyed his career, landed him deeply in debt, and convinced doctors that he was destined for institutionalization.

That statement is also supported by the results of a landmark study that examined how the steps perform when taught in clinical settings as opposed to church basements. That's (among many other things, also about myself) what I've learned in my chairmans period, one wrong word or judgement can break a newcomer, when he/she tells some life-experiences and at the same time shows a part of his/her deep soul, and throw them back to the streets, liquer store etc.

Letting someone speak without interupting and telling someone what's better for them, but in stead of that respecting their storys and personalitys give groupmembers room and safety to tell their story and feel safe too. Literally anything but "Gratitude". Lol I like meetings that encourage unusual topics. Lol I'd like to see more practical, hands on coping strategies shared.

More than 70 years later, after a review of nearly 200 articles on group therapy, a pair of Stanford University researchers pinpointed why the approach works so well: “Members find the group to be a compelling emotional experience; they develop close bonds with the other members and are deeply influenced by their acceptance and feedback. My Home Group is really important to me! My home group is the first AA meeting I attended.

  1. And AA’s method, which requires “surrender” to a vaguely defined “higher power,” involves the kind of spiritual revelations that neuroscientists have only begun to explore.
  2. And a Swedish study from 2003 suggests that people with fewer serotonin receptors may be more open to spiritual experiences.
  3. And close relationships, it turns out, have an even more profound effect on us than previously thought.
  4. We were met by the greeters at the door and once in the meeting welcomed by all the people present, i was shocked by the seeming care these people showed me. We'd go around the table and just give a short description of what came into our minds when that word was spoken. What about, how it feels to be clean on Christmas or all holidays for that matter? What attractts me to these groups is the recovery.

    Aside from the steps, AA has one other cardinal rule: anonymity.Ask an addiction researcher a straightforward question about AA’s success rate and you’ll invariably get a distressingly vague answer.

    Members are then required to enumerate their faults, share them with their meeting group, apologize to those they’ve wronged, and engage in regular prayer or meditation. Million people belong to one of AA’s 55,000 meeting groups in the US, while countless others embark on the steps at one of the nation’s 11,000 professional treatment centers.

    1. And that process may help reinvigorate the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is gravely weakened by alcohol abuse.
    2. Another research quandary is how to account for the selection effect.
    3. Anyone who needs an AA fix will be able to get one, though it may require an icy trek across the city.
    4. As for the steps themselves, there is evidence that the act of public confession—enshrined in the fifth step—plays an especially crucial role in the recovery process.
    5. As long as it's 12 step related, anyone can share on anything.
    6. I would like to see a lot more discussion of 449 or I guess it's 417 now. I'd like to see "relapse prevention" discussed at a level that goes beyond "Put the plug in the jug".

      So I'm wondering: what are some of your favorite meeting topics? So excited cuz I love hearing the experience strength and HOPE. Some AA groups would also do well to shed their resistance to medication. Soon after I joined my homegroup however I felt more and more warmth, welcome, stability and rest during our meetings.

      Running 998edcf country code: NL. Scott Tonigan, a research professor at the University of New Mexico’s Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions, numerous studies show that AA members who become involved in activities like sponsorship—becoming a mentor to someone just starting out—are more likely to stay sober than those who simply attend meetings. Self posts only, and self posts that are only links will also be removed. She was surprised when I told her that it was my first time.

      I'm comfortable with public speaking so I'm not nervous per se, but we have a treatment center or two that brings clients to our meeting so I'm very much interested in making the meeting as productive, positive and hope-filled as it can be; I remember the days in rehab where everything felt bleak and pointless, and I also remember how much an awesome meeting could do to change my mood. I'm lucky to live in an area that has alot of A.

      But 12-step facilitation clearly beat the competition in two important respects: It was more effective for alcoholics without other psychiatric problems, and it did a better job of inspiring total abstinence as opposed to a mere reduction in drinking.But I definitely see your point.

      They concluded that subjects who attended AA meetings frequently were more likely to be sober than those who merely dabbled in the organization. They gave me a strong home group ethic that has remained with me ever since. This group held meetings twice a week, step meeting mid week and a chaired meeting at the weekend. This is how we learn to pursue behaviors that benefit us, our families, and our species. This raises an important question: Are there ways to improve Wilson’s aging system?

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