Henri's amazing portrait was done by Ineke Kamps, and commissioned by some amazing. May 2007 - 3 min - Uploaded by Will BradenHenri on Twitter: //twitter. Apr 2012 - 2 min - Uploaded by Will BradenHenri on Twitter: //twitter. Henri, le Chat Noir is a web series of short films on the existential musings of the tuxedo cat Henri, written and directed by William Braden.

Five years after his first appearance on YouTube, Henri has thousands of fans on Facebook—but that hasn't cheered him up. For more, check our. Freddie Mercury released a solo album dedicated to his cats and all the cat lovers in the universe.

Don't expect a book of cuteness. End up the same as sunny Fridays. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

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  2. About half the book will be in a similar style to the first book, with photos and accompanying captions and thoughts.
  3. According to, Henri does not live with Henri, le Chat Noir creator, who says that Henri 's actual ownership is a "private matter".
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  6. All shipping handled by Amazon.And explain why they were eager to work with on his latest project and reveal a bit about their characters.And grinned the whole time.

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    1. "I thought only film students would see it.
    2. A new Henri t-shirt for charity, 100% of profits go to cats in need.
    3. A new short will be released right before Halloween to kick off Henri's growing contempt for holidays he finds to be a nuisance.
    4. Is your cat not "bowled-over" by the day-in and day-out monotony of dry cat food? It is written much like the videos featured on Youtube. It says "I'd rather be watching cat videos. It was shot, edited and narrated in eleven days. Life marches on regardless of the weather or our arbitrary daily distinctions.

      The book arrived on time and has been a favorite with all my co-worker cat lovers. The book would also make the perfect gift for yourself or the cat-lover in your life. The book, like his videos, has black and white photos.

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      Henri says, "When this nonsense begins anew, it can only mean that another film exploiting my ennui is imminent. Henri, Le Chat Noir, seems to have perfectly straddled both. Henri, le Chat Noir (French pronunciation: ​; for "The Black Cat") is a of on the musings of the Henri, written and directed by. Henri, you are not alone,” YouTuber froglady3344 wrote. Henri: The Thieving Filmmaker is far from a favorite of mine. Henry has also received swag from companies like Friskies.

      • Please be sure to see the videos on Henri visiting "Le Vet" and best of all.
      • I am beginning to understand what Sartre meant when he said, "Hell is other cats.
      • So I'd appreciate you not bothering me.
      • The following day, Henri’s second video was featured on Jezebel.
      • Of course, I then had to order a copy for myself.
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      Throughout April, Henri’s videos were shared on College Humor, Tastefully Offensive, the Democratic Underground, Buzzfeed, Forbes, The Daily Dot, The FW and Metafilter. Today is Black Cat Appreciation day. Trust me, you will appreciate your own complex felines all the more, and perhaps even gain a better understanding of them as well. Ultimately, we are still searching for a true meaning to our existence.

      You have all been very generous in helping cats in need through my new charity t-shirt. You speak and meow for everyone. YouTube just came out and something like this going viral wasn't expected," said Braden.

      Have you seen the documentary (and subsequent Drew Barrymore HBO miniseries) Grey Gardens? He tends to be morose and hide from the world to embrace his ennui. He was adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter in. He's cute, he's smart and thought-provoking. Henri (originally Henry; born 2004 is a male.

      Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA items qualify for FREE Shipping and. Sort of like you with the internet. Still the same high quality photos and printing, of course. The Thieving Filmmaker has plastered his name all over my book, and so he is invited to all of the book signings instead of me. The bald bafoon is a creative, thoughtful artist who, most importantly, seems to put Henri's welfare first.

      Be sure to put "Henri" on a special place in your bookshelf.Best Henri Le Chat Noir images on Pinterest Food network.
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      Like thousands of others, I was immediately captivated by Henri's angst-filled musings. Maybe Henri, is, as he so eloquently states in his latest film, his 'own cat. Now that Lil Bub has won the Tribeca Film Festival, how does that make you feel? Of a cat who is world weary and is stuck with a white cat he calls L Imbecile blanc with no brains. On April 6th, 2012, Braden uploaded a second video titled “Paw de Deux” (shown below, left) which gained more than 6 million views in six months.

      Once I found out that the little red dot was a lie, I gave up on focused exercise. Or maybe he's not like that at all. Rainy days and Mondays always.

      His life, as it may be, is riddled with doubts and insecurities. I don't see myself going to Hollywood. I even begrudgingly like the white imbecile! I live with three cats already. I prefer non-exploitative artists, who have their personal lives in order. I was referred to as "Monsieur Le Fluffy Butt", so I feel the pain of Mr.

      But this is a perfect ten. By using Twitter’s services you agree to our and outside the EU. By using this site, you agree to the and. Catster: Besides the Thieving Filmmaker [Henri's owner, filmmaker and writer Will Braden], who are some of your favorite auteurs? Com: Henri, le Chat Noir: The Existential Musings of an. Community Post: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Henri, Le. Days turn into months, but Henri remains a cat, a feline bereft of voice and pride and opposable thumbs.

      If you don't have one yet. In Henri’s third video, the ennui-filled feline reflects on his life and fame during a visit to the vet. In reviewing Henri 3, Le Vet, called Henri "almost like a feline, just without the singing, or the alcoholism, or the public scandal.

      The quotes are perfect Henri. The remainder of the book will contain essays, poems and other writings, all from the feline philosopher himself. The sixth short film Henri 5, "The Worst Noël" was released on YouTube in December 21, 2012. The thirteenth short film Henri 8 - "Artiste" was released on YouTube in January 7, 2014. Their faces are so bizarre you will be laughing your bum off. This book changed my life.

      The eleventh short film Henri 6, "Cat Littérature" was released on YouTube in April 30, 2013. The fifth short film Henri 4, L'Haunting was released on YouTube in October 30, 2012. The format of the book will be a little different from Henri's previous work.

      This item: Henri, le Chat Noir: The Existential Musings of an Angst-Filled Cat by William Braden Hardcover $9. This page was last edited on 11 September 2017, at 19:45. This submission is currently being researched & evaluated! Through his series of short films and interactions with an enthusiastic online community, Henri's contemplation and disillusion with the world has struck a chord with millions of fans.

      Who among us can say that generally speaking we trust the outside world? Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the, a non-profit organization. With over 15 million views on YouTube and a bestselling debut book, his ennui has been shared with many otherwise well-adjusted people around the world. You get a copy of Henri's new book as soon as the first printing is done!

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      Vimeo gives control freaks the power to of their embedded videos: colors, buttons, end screens, and more. We're coming to Indianapolis this week, so get your tickets meow! What is your favorite form of exercise? What would you do if your dog was let loose and the kennel owner was murdered? When I watch you go about your activities, make no mistake about my intentions. When it's very hot and a cat tries to stay cool by stretching out on the floor, don't make a joke about us melting.

      Braden said the art of getting his now A-list actor to work involved a number of tricks including loud claps to get Henry to run and reverse shots to capture a sorrowful look. Braden was inspired by the American perception on viewing them as "very pretentious and self-involved. But the cat is a very good actor with the help of Von Braden.

      Her video was featured on Buzzfeed, The Daily Dot, Catster and Neatorama. Hilarious Dog Faces That'll Have You Laughing Til You Can't Breathe. His human “uncle” filmmaker William Braden created the first short (shown below) for a class project at the Seattle Film Institute.

      Henri does not "dumb it down" for his audience. Henri is French, an Existentialist who quotes such as Sartre, and he's a Philosopher. Henri is deep and he does not suffer fools lightly (especially Will Braden, the thieving filmmaker who made him famous). Henri says, "Half of me feels the innate happiness from being in the box, yet half of me knows that it is an ephemeral and meaningless feeling.

      1. " 's science editor also called Henri 2, Paw De Deux "The best cat video on the Internet".
      2. "He had to have it for cats, too, and that's what made it work.
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