Here are five ways to run a successful business meeting and ensure you always leave a positive impression. If you want your meeting attendees to leave impressed, make sure you exceed their expectations. Show them why they should care.

If you don’t use an Outlook program (or Windows), you can set up new meetings using Skype for Business Web Scheduler. If you have a meeting with people outside your company, or you’re scheduling a large event, change the meeting options before sending the invites to better fit your meeting requirements. If you have a possible market of 1000, but they are spread out on three continents, you’re going to struggle to get attendees.

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In addition to the event venue, you need to find a good nearby bar (or three) where people can blow off steam, nice restaurants where you can entertain important guests, and lodging where you will put up the speakers. In the end, this is how attendees will justify the expense of the conference, and it will play a large part in determining whether they come back. Include schedules for meetings and guidelines for communication between project team members, both during preparations and after.

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If you're just starting a small conference, you can't count on employers paying the costs, so take that into account. If you're offering online registration, set up a website to receive registrants and their attendance fees. If you’ll have in-person attendees, in Location, type a location for the meeting, such as a conference room, or click Add Room for help finding a conference room.

Individuals on your project team should be responsible for specific areas of your conference preparations. It helps you learn what to emphasize in a venue the next time—amenities, location, convenience—which helps you make adjustments for the future. It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Just be sure to give very conspicuous notice—you don’t want an irate canceller to give you bad word of mouth. Just double-check the information and click Send.

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Make sure to keep your cellphone on and charged, because you're likely to be the recipient of frequent calls, texts, and emails. Make sure your speakers are completely satisfied with their accommodations. Many sponsors are willing to pay in order to get their message in front of a targeted audience, and all conferences are targeted to specific segments of the population. Market to similar groups at similar conferences.

Set up break rooms and dining areas for their intended purposes. Signage,which can be designed in-house or through a graphic designer, and can be printed at sign printing companies. Speakermatch is one of the free services, and it operates like a cross between a matchmaking service and cars. Speakers can be a big expense. Start off with a thank-you card. Take your intended audience and the scope of the conference into account.

  1. Consider and plan for possible transportation types used by attendees.
  2. Consider the appropriate seating arrangement for the type of event.
  3. Decide whether the goal is to break even or produce a profit, and then if there is a specific revenue target.
  4. Think about what sort of credentials you are looking for, along with whether you want them to be internal or external to your company or industry. This gets at their global impression of the conference, and allows them to suggest room for improvement. This meeting should occur in a meeting the evening before or the morning prior to the event.

    For another example, the theme "Awakening the Autism Entrepreneur Workshop" tells a potential attendee everything they need to know about the conference. Get feedback from speakers and sponsors. Happy, well rested presenters give good presentations that make your guests feel like they've gotten their money's worth. How do you come up with those great interactive activities that you included?

    • The facilities themselves are probably the most important factor in choosing a venue.
    • This is effectively the menu of the event, including the who, what, and where for every aspect of the conference.
    • You and your lead should be the point people for the speakers.
    Determine the format of your conference.Did they enjoy the speakers?Either the day of the conference or the day before the conference, appoint a head volunteer with good organizational and people skills to assist with any unexpected issues.

    Will conference be single session, multiple sessions in a single day, or multiple days with overnight stays? With a specific person on your project team being responsible for purchasing and contracting to avoid confusion. Work with your security team to make sure your space is adequately protected and prepared for emergencies.

    Make sure protection is in place for property, attendees, and cash (if fees are taken at door). Make sure there is adequate room in and between rooms for your crowd of attendees to move around. Make sure to address any overlaps in responsibility so that you can leave your project team to their preparations.

    1. Ask registrants how they learned about the conference.
    2. At the top of the meeting window, click Send.
    3. Be careful not to change any of the Skype meeting information.
    4. Registration and feedback forms, which are easily created in a word processing program. Research industry standards to learn about the cost of similar conferences. Right before the conference is set to begin, conduct a walk-through of the venue, making sure that any promised accessories and amenities are in working order. Seating charts for reserved seating. Seek out relevant sponsors for your conference.

      How well the timeline was followed is a good overall gauge of how well organized the conference as a whole was. How well was the timeline followed? If it is too broad, you run the risk of a bland theme that will not hold your attendees' interest. If it is too narrow an audience, you won’t find a market for the conference.

      Keep convenience and travel time in mind when selecting a venue. Look within the same industry or for a company that serves the audience that will be attending your conference. Make a portion of the ticket price non-refundable. Make sure everything works by checking presentations on equipment.

      Fees for event planners.
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      • Although there are a long list of details to go over and preparations to make, the planning of the conference is the single biggest factor in determining its success or failure.
      • Are they local, regional, or national?

      Thank you for your feedback! The answer to this question will help you determine where to spend your marketing budget in the future. The chosen location should be convenient to most attendees depending upon likely mode of travel. The scope of your conference will determine all of your logistical concerns, your choice of speakers, and even the location. The speakers set their own fees, and some will even speak for no fee at all.

      If registration is done through other means, make sure to outline the process for receiving and processing them. If this is your first conference, begin your marketing campaign early. If you don't see the Skype Meeting section, then you need to.

      To look for a time that works for everyone, click Scheduling Assistant, in the Show section of the Meeting tab ribbon. To view settings for who has access to the online meeting, who has to wait for you to admit them into the meeting, and who can present during the meeting, click Online meeting settings (just above the message area). What aspects of the planning were satisfactory? When choosing speakers, consider the number of speakers, panel members, or hosts needed for conference.

      This should include all efforts to attract attendees, including formal and online invitations, web pages, newspaper and radio advertising, and guest interviews. This type of feedback can be less structured, as you have hopefully developed a good working relationship and developed a rapport with the speakers. Tip: To look for a time that works for everyone, click Scheduling Assistant, at the top of the meeting window.

      1. Be realistic about the scope.
      2. Confirm team members responsibility and communications.
      3. You want your ticket price to be high enough to make money (or at least break even), but low enough that it still entices people to come. Your Office 365 subscription does not include Skype for Business. Your project plan outlines the conference preparations, execution, and followup. Your theme should reflect the purpose of the conference. You’re not using a of Outlook Web App.

        • (Optional) In the meeting area, you can type an agenda or other information about the meeting.
        • (Optional) Preload your meeting attachments.
        • A good staff is critical to executing a successful conference.
        • A social media person, who keeps a flow of tweets, status updates, and posts going for the length of the conference.

        The support materials are the seemingly minor details that are, in reality, vital to your conference running smoothly. The theme can be subject oriented or aimed at a demographic target. The theme will influence everything else, so you want to decide this issue first. Then, set up deadlines for conference preparation, such as when to lock in sponsors or speakers. Think about how many speakers or presenters you will have and how long presentations will be.

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        Write a sponsorship prospectus which includes information about projected attendance and ticket sales, demographics of the the attendees, and the credentials of your firm. You can search by price, locality, or subject. You don’t want the venue to be too far removed from the airport, or in a section of the city that is difficult to navigate on foot, since many attendees won’t want to rent a car. You want it to be as narrow as possible while still having a robust market.

        When creating it, you'll need to consider each segment of conference, the length of speeches, rest periods between them, break out sessions, and the possibility of multiple simultaneous sessions. When the unexpected arises, you need to be confident in your floor manager to make good spur-of-the-moment decisions without close supervision. Will attendees be from same organization or industry?

        Once you've got input from all the stakeholders involved in the conference, you can synthesize the information. People don’t come for the catering, after all. Regional conferences should pick more modest locations.

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