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From there, we can work together in private messages to help you out and figure out our next steps. Got charged 22~ dollars to my credit card with no 10$ promo code applied. He can't get enough of those shark cards!

Upvoted for the same reason. Use twitter, hate to say it, they do rock on twitter. We asked for a manager and were hung up on. We asked for the manager again and told the rep the name and were again told we were being dishonest because there was no manager by that name. We asked where the $50 vanished to and were told it really didn't matter, it was gone.

Our son understood that this Christmas was going to be leaner and we would do the best we could. Please let us know why we couldn't help you today Important: Do not enter any personal information (such as your Skype Name, email address, Microsoft account, password, or real name or phone number) in the field above. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.

I think holidays is far busier with support issues and the usual call center may have additional less trained staff. I told him that some people in here said not to get them, but he is all about them anyway. I was told that I WOULD HAVE TO PAY for my own shipping to fix a broken/defective new product. I'm just going to keep calling and hope I get one of the superb reps some of you have come across! I've had a few experiences with the xbox 1800 support team and all have been great!

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In this case I wouldn't recommend it. It is the principle that matters and if you just give up like evryone else then nothing will ever get changed. It is very popular toll free number which provide by XBOX technical support, XBOX Customer Service Phone Number, XBOX Customer Service Number, XBOX Customer Support Phone Number, XBOX Customer Support Number, XBOX Customer Service Helpline Number, XBOX Customer Care Number, XBOX support team phone number.

Dear god you can speak to advocacy directly?!?
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We definitely don't want to be unreasonable and if that's why they won't offer us any solutions, I would understand that better than the dial tones I keep getting for sure! We developers call this kind of operation "atomic" because the system has to go through all the steps or none of them - in your case it just did the money withdrawal step and the operator is an idiot if he thinks you're to blame for their system "forgetting" to do a step of the process.

I also expect the company to resolve any issues with said defective product. I can never be bothered talking to people on the phone. I can't tell what's worse, you actually buying 6 of the launch titles or not just use your other controller in the meantime. I can’t believe that they expect me to pay shipping for a defective product. I feel old now, too, lol. I feel so much less discouraged, hearing suggestions and success stories.

Some people like to buy GTA $ just to get that vehicle or apartment they like and want sooner rather than later. That apparently is not an option for my case. That is a nice memo, but it is not a customer mistake to redeem their code, the 60 dollars should go into their account's credit and be usable in full. That seems to be the case; hit or miss, possibly a little more miss right now due to the busy holiday season.

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I've read through your post, and the customer service that you've received isn't what we strive for! If he never received the cards but the money was spent on basically nothing, then. If it wasn't under warranty, you'd be paying 100$ for a general repair. If there are no categories that fit the nature of your inquiry, you may post a new question or message to the forum after signing into your Microsoft account. If you log on to your account through xbox.

  • The only real issue I have had with them is the fact that they can't help me redeem my fallout 3 code.
  • I got put into the dreaded circle of nowhere at Microsoft support, with not a single person able to override the system or policy.
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Shark cards directly fund the horrible behavior and terrible support of rockstar. She looked up my case and gave me an option to self ship. She said she would give the message to him (yea right! So I did what any upset slighted consumer would do, I went straight to the top. So i got back online chat because i refuse to pay for shipping. So many people had the complaint that by Monday after the Black Friday sale they had a memo not to issue credits based on customer mistakes with the code.

  1. Although Xbox has an official Facebook profile, you will not have the ability to contact Xbox or send them a message using Facebook.
  2. Call 1800-xboxsupport and immediately ask for Customer advocacy team support, do not allow the first level support a chance to resolve this once you get to this final step.
  3. Change is not easy and I do not expect this to be an easy process.
  4. It's just been confusing trying to figure out what happens to unspent credit. It's just confusing and frustrating. Oh my gosh, what a nightmare for your friend. On January 19th, 2009, YouTuber Jorgen297 uploaded a video of himself pranking a Microsoft customer support representative during a live webchat session (shown below). On the bright side Xbox support is outsourced so you where just unlucky (a little more common this time of the year since they hire extras).

    I haven't tried that, thanks. I just know he can use it in GTA 5 to buy things in the game. I made it simple for her and told her about the broken controller in a few words. I suggest maybe putting a [TECH] at the start of this posts title. I then called back and asked for hardware and instead got billing.

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    What can I do to prevent this in the future? What is live chat support? When it comes down to it, you can prove it is your account by using the last code you entered. Why are you so surprised that M$ is treating you this way with your first world problems. Ya, I would just take the whole system back to the store if that's the case. You did nothing wrong in your attempt to use the money. You will have the option to choose from “Xbox 360,” “My account,” and “Billing.

    Common contact methods include live chat, support forums, Twitter support, and telephone.Courses are portions of a Route that act like virtual races.

    He lost all his save data from his games that aren't online based. He says he just wants his money back, along with all the games he downloaded on there. Here is my story with them. Hopefully you can get it fixed!

    The first guy i went to had no idea what to do, But his partner came over told him look up the company type in my name and the number and bamn! The guy said take the service request number to fedex. The real problem is that there doesn't seem to be much of an in-between. There is a Recent Orders section on that page. They are usually excellent. They can literally be used right off the bat - case in-point, the copy I bought came with a Shark Card (during the Steam sale when that was.

    1. (btw I can do this because I drive a lot for my job) I guess my options are not going to change.
    2. Achievement badges and a spot on the public leaderboards.
    3. Also, keep each xbox live subscription card.
    4. Click on the link that best describes the nature of your Xbox Live issue.

      Friend request posts and Preview program request posts are not allowed outside our official mod threads.

      I got put through to Raul who gave me 2 options; self ship and pay the cost or send the entire day one console back to Microsoft so that the controller fixed be fixed. I got put through to another person who could not help and got transferred again. I had my account stolen this past summer, and daily calls solved nothing.

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      That's pretty on par as far as I'm concerned. The Skype name, associated trade marks and logos and the "S" logo are trade marks of Skype or related entities. The Xbox contact center is open between Monday and Friday from 9 a. The amount of stress it caused my friend to get his back, arguing with people not even in the country or at the repair facility about his xbox, and all that wasn't worth it he says.

      Delivery to you can go beyond the two weeks, but reaching a mutually acceptable resolution should not be a three week issue.Everything related to the Xbox One.For example, if you want to cancel your Xbox Live membership, click on “My Account.

      We no longer support Internet Explorer v10 and older. We really aren't very aggressive and prefer not to argue with anyone and certainly not a rep who has a job to do. We work for Xbox Community Support, which does support over Reddit, the Xbox. We'd need your son's gamertag (or the gamertag that you have contacted support with and made the purchases on) first.

      They said I either pay for shipping the defective controller back or send in the whole unit and then they would pay for the shipping. They say they are gonna send him a new Xbox one. They won't suspend the account? This does not seem to make any sense to me, or anyone else I have spoken to, including the supervisors I spoke with. This letter is going out to multiple people and websites in order to get proper exposure.

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