Our growing online support group and 12-step meeting locator will help you find recovery groups and SMART Recovery meetings in your area. Has the answer: Our comprehensive and growing directory of AA, NA, SA, SLA, OA, CA, SMART. This website does not contain a meeting finder. Resources below for a meeting list in that location and the surrounding area. Please select a county or time using the tools to the right to search our database.

Works great in Mpls Mn This is pretty good for the Mpls St Paul area, it's a pretty big community, must be cuz the MN Vikings drive us to drink. Works if we work it I will put my local meetings in for you when you visit my area, can you do the same for me? Works well usually but there is a big for me on a Galaxy 3 where the app doesn't think the address entered is valid, even though it is - this happens when trying to add and find a meeting.

If the app complains about an invalid address with just a zip code typed in, turn your phone on and off, that usually does the trick. If you don't see a meeting type that you would like to use contact us and we'll happily add it. If you have any problems finding meetings, please call the Chicago Office (312-346-1475). Imply approval or endorsement of the traditional AA program. In the area I live (Euclid, Ohio 44132) this app works fantastic!

You can actually edit meeting types right now. You can associate meeting types(Open, Closed, Big Book. You can increase the search radius by increasing the number of miles in the "within" field. You can invite others to a meeting you find with Meeting Finder. You can simply enter a zip code in the address field and skip all the other fields.

You do not need to fill out the entire form. You should be able to click the "Submit Meeting" button and upload meetings for Mexico yourself though.

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By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments and.Changed my password and tried logging in a ton of times with no success.

The purpose of all AA group meetings is for AA members to “share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The usual anonymity is requested. The “Blue People” graphic is a trademark of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. This is the full meeting database, ideally more up to date than the printed meeting list.

It is still new and I am sure that it will improve in time with more meetings. Just male sure u have the day in there AMD it will give u thewetinga all of tat day. Just select the meeting you like, click the share icon and a pre-filled text/email message will pop up for you to review and send.

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No copyrighted material is knowingly posted herein without the permission of those individuals or institutions possessing copyrights. No meetings show in Charlotte NC and we have 350 meetings per week. Non-alcoholics may attend open meetings as observers. OD = OPEN DISCUSSION: Anyone interested in the A. Once I got there there was no meeting, it had been moved. Only one meeting pops up in can't remember where it said it was but it was none of these.

I apologize, we have not loaded any meetings in Mexico, we only have meetings in the US, plus a few in Canada and Britain. I cut phone on as you suggested. I found one on this app, and it was in walking distance.

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You can submit meetings to us and they will be included in the results. You can upload them by hand, but we currently don't have enough volunteers to help us bulk load the UK where and whens. You do need an internet connection to use the app, so a phone plan without any data(just voice and text) won't work.

Very useful I use this any time i am pinched for time and need to find a meeting quick. Victor semenov April 19, 2016 Try only using a zipcode in the address field, that should work more consistently. Victor semenov August 10, 2017 My apologies, we don't have UK meetings. Victor semenov February 13, 2017 Thanks for your feedback Carlos! Victor semenov January 22, 2016 We're an AA app.

Victor semenov June 8, 2017 My apologies, I would like to try and troubleshoot this with you. Victor semenov June 8, 2017 Thank you for your feedback! Victor semenov March 25, 2016 Leave the meeting name field blank, thats not a problem. Victor semenov May 19, 2016 We have uploaded 200+ meetings for Boise, ID and the surrounding area, when you have time could you take a look and make sure they show up for you? Victor semenov November 30, 2015 Sorry about the moved meeting.

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  • " in the upper right hand corner and click "Meeting Types".
  • AMD FYI for other user's.
  • Added 10000+ meetings all around the US.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
  • Also put in name of the city and that did not work.

Changed my password and tried logging in a ton of times with no success.

I suppose I can just google them, though. I type in a postcode amd nothing shows up. I walked a little over a mile. I'll help you reset your password. I'm on paper for a treatment center,and I had to scramble to make up a meeting.

Victor semenov July 27, 2017 To update a meeting select it in the results and hit "not there" in the top right. Victor semenov June 17, 2016 Thank you! Victor semenov June 6, 2016 Sorry about the confusion.

This is the official Website of the General Service Office (G. This is the official web site of Chicago Area Alcoholics Anonymous. This site is neither endorsed nor approved by Alcoholics Anonymous World Service, Inc.

As it works well with your navigator.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Many of the times around my area are wrong in Alameda county. Meeting Finder is free and comes without any ads. Meeting Finder will help you find AA meetings in the US. Needs to be updated I needed to hit a meeting last week.

Restarting the app and the phone doesn't fix it. Search for Akron Area AA Meetings by any one or more of the following details. Seems to be across the Denver area though. That will search for meetings in a 10 mile radius from the center of the zip code. The Grapevine®, and AA Grapevine® are registered trademarks of The AA Grapevine, Inc. The only thing missing is to edit the meetong, to Gove the appropriate meeting type.

To submit a meeting just click the submit meeting button on the main screen, complete the quick registration process and you will be good to go. Try using a zipcode instead of the whole address, that should work. Unless there are no noon meetings and like 100 2 pm meetings. Use location and time of your choosing to find meetings. Useless Downloaded the app and no meetings come up even though I know they are nearby.

  • Only app available, let's help it help us.
  • If that doesn't work, contact me at codecleric@gmail.
  • Videos or graphic images may not be downloaded, copied or duplicated without the express written permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous®, AA®, and The Big Book® are registered trademarks of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services,Inc.

Click the Google Play image above for a full description of the app and installation instructions. Could you use the "contact developer" option in the play store and get in touch with me? Cum id fugiunt, re eadem defendunt, quae Peripatetici, verba. Decent app I really wanted to like this app more but sometimes the Google Map alibis not synching with the actual address, which makes it unreliable.

Was listed under AA search & have friend visiting looking for local mtg locations. We use the geocoder(address translator) provided by google and it can be finicky sometimes. Well as benefit from the experience, strength and hope shared by others. What if you do not know the mtg name? What sort of error do you get during registration? With any meeting you find or create.

  1. An which Rehab and Treatment centers do no accept insurance.
  2. App stated that my address could not be found even though its using my phone's location, and the address is absolutely valid.
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    Don't waste your time with this! Edit: Thank you so much I did see this changed my review to 5star you are the best! Edit: wow developers thank you for responding. Ehhhh I have found a couple meetings, but more often all I get is the enter correct address error even after I have entered one. Entered all info & search shows NO mtgs in this area which is definitely wrong! Features, IE: Mens, Womens, Open or Closed.

    I have NEVER had any problems with the meetings no longer being there or wrong locations. I like the ability to add my local meetings to this database I'm sure as more and more people add their local meetings accurately, this will become an even more helpful application supported by us users. I live in Boise, ID and it shows nothing within the area and surrounding like, Meridian, Eagle, Garden City, Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton, and so on. I regularly purge meetings that are marked "Not There".

    Did not find any meetings and I know of 5 with in a 5 mile radius from my address. Do you have a link to a comprehensive list of Sydney meetings we could load? Doesn't show anything in my area I would like it but nothing shows up in my area even in 100 mile radius. Don't see your favorite meeting in the search results?

    If a meeting we list isn't there anymore, or has an incorrect time, or address you can let us know with a push of a button and we'll take care of it. If not could you submit some meetings for your area? If putting the city name into the address field does not work for try using a zipcode. If that still doesn't work try restarting your cell-phone, that usually does the trick.

    Find Akron area meetings and places of AA historic interest right from your phone with our free Andorid app. For now type in "postcode aa meetings" into google, it should bring up some meetings near you. Good app, a little confusing though I like the app, but it would be helpful if somewhere it would list what the meetings are helping with specifically. Good idea but nothing register on Mexico, I'd like to help registering meetings In​ my country, how can I help?

    At either meeting participants are requested to confine their discussion to matters pertaining to recovery from alcoholism.Best app so far to find meetings I gave added several meetings to the app.Best app so far to find meetings I gave added several meetings to the app.

    Open meetings are available for anyone interested in the AA program of recovery from alcoholism. Or for those who have a drinking problem and “have a desire to stop drinking. Recommended it to others in my group also.

    Graphic images may not be downloaded, copied or duplicated without the express written permission of both Chicago Area Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. Great app to find meetings, im just having trouble with the log in. Great app to find meetings, im just having trouble with the log in. Help user find Rehab and Treatment centers in there cities and towns. I also deleted then reinstalled the app with the same result.

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    It is maintained by the two service entities of Alcoholics Anonymous, Area 35 and Area 36, to which all AA groups registered with Alcoholics Anonymous belong to in Minnesota. It is our hope that this web site will serve as a resource for all those people seeking an AA meeting and that it can help to fulfill the primary purpose of all Alcoholics Anonymous groups, which is to “be a spiritual entity having but one primary purpose – that of carrying its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

    Victor semenov October 23, 2015 If you know of meetings we do not list please submit them, our listing is imperfect and we need your help to make it better. Victor semenov September 14, 2016 Thank you for your feedback. Victor semenov September 26, 2016 Sorry about that, it happens sometimes, we have not been able to fix it so far. Victor semenov September 27, 2015 I am seeing over 50 meetings listed in Charlotte, NC. Volunteers are standing by 24 hours a day to help you!

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    Victor semenov November 9, 2015 Our app is currently US centered, sorry about that. Victor semenov October 13, 2015 Please help us by entering any meetings our listings do not contain via the "Submit Meeting" button. Victor semenov October 18, 2015 you do not need to register in order to put in your recovery date, registration is only needed to submit meetings.

    This site uses google™ and Google Maps™ as professional tools and is not affiliatied with Google. This website does not contain a meeting finder. Times are wrong Great app but the Times are all wrong. To store the sobriety date in between re-installs we would have to keep it on the server, we're somewhat reluctant to do that since we aim to collect as little data as possible.

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    Application is rubbish if you want to find a meeting.Application is rubbish if you want to find a meeting.Are you sure you're doing it right?
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