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If so hit me with a whim about this so I can grab your details via the form and we can get this sorted out. If you are not already a member you can then select 'New users Click Here', which is written in blue writing about the login box. If you found this thread useful, please add your contribution. If you require further information please call 125 111 and follow the prompts.

On 19 March, Telstra phoned and told me that the credit I had already received would cover the new AirG charges and that I would receive no further credit – despite me pointing out to the CSO that the existing credit had been applied taking into consideration the effort spent thus far in resolving the issue. One more "victim" of the airG 95c per day charge. Originally the time stamp was the same time.

Now I can't even search for people near me? Now the man I was talking too at customer service said I'd see the money back in my next bill (I don't know how, maybe it will be in the form of a discount? Oh, it's there on the actual login page from the gamerschat page.

At this point make sure you explain the situation and ask for them to refund the money.But at least I was able to get the charges to stop.

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C daily since Jul 30 2016, at a cost of just under $200, and I would like to think I am fairly tech savvy. C per day for the entire period.

The lady at Telstra did say that AirG have to lodge the request to Tesltra/Bigpond for a Refund, but as they guy wasn't interested. The more people who write in and formally complain about this, the more chance we have that something will change such that we don't have to go through this again. The more records they have of this issue the higher the impact when it does escalate. The other much longer (I don't even have the phone any more but was just paying out the plan).

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St you hav 2 donload it to your toolbar. Still no sign of refund from Tekstra yet. TELSTRA & BIGPOND(SCUM) ARE SUCH MUPPETS & FRUIT LOOPS! TELSTRA SUBSCRIPTION MANGEMENT – airG fully manages all your subscription requirements as it pertains to Gamers Chat, Divas Chat, Sport Chat, Movies Chat, Music Chat or Wap Games subscriptions at our 24/7 Customer Care centres. THERE'S A BLEEDIN RECESSION YA-KNOW!

You may have received a text message in the past 48 hours delivered by Telstra BigPond, which related to billing for ‘airG Chat’. You will be contacted once a refund has been placed on the bill.

Would you be able to give me the email address or fax etc that you used to submit the letter above. Yeah, I just received the same SMS on my work mobile. You are currently subscribed to airG chat for $0. You can ask the 24/7 chat guys, they should be able to check this for you, as that's how I got mine enabled in the first place.

I HAVEN'T WORKED THE PAST 4 DAYS AND I THOUGHT I MADE A BLUE WHEN I GOT THIS MESSAGE. I am an ex-Optus customer with my phone number ported to Telstra. I called AirG directly and they were absolutely useless. I called Telstra today and talked to a friendly assistant who was able to credit all the charges ($77. I can't be brothered kicking that much of a stink as long as I'm not out of pocket I'm happy – though my time would have been good too, oh well. I can't get to the games section either.

I never received the original SMS from Telstra, unless I somehow did some awful combination of screen touches while my phone was erroneously unlocked in my pocket, I never signed up for any services or received notification that I had done so. I noticed I was using my Reddit app of choice, which unfortunately puts the banner ads right above the navigation buttons, and accidentally clicked on an ad (I've done this plenty of times, I just usually back out of them.

They do actually seem to be taking this seriously (now). They just refer me to the AirG customer support number (1800235437) who also refuse to refund charges. They then need to click the link “Subscription Management” --> “Cancel Subscription” for the service they wish to unsubscribe from. This allows you to view your mobile browser on your computer. This is clearly a scam going back years and yet they still put the onus on the customer to unsubscribe. This looks like my next move.

Also checked that there was a block on the service which there was so escalated it to the technical team.

I have lost $18 supposedly of my $150 prepaid let alone what i lost on my unused credit from prior to my recharge, and there is no way i could have subscribed. I have never had any conduct with or even heard of airG before this incident. I have no idea when these charges started as I normally look at the total bill amount and just pay it. I have no way of unsubscribing from a Gamer chat room which i did not ever set up!

I've received an automated response saying that they'll respond within 2 days, but if the matter was urgent to phone 132200. IT TOOK ME 30 MINUTES WITH TELSTRA REPS TO FIND OUT, AND THEY STILL COULDN'T TELL ME. If I have already been charged for this service I demand a refund of any charges in full. If a customer is not subscribed to any airG products, they will receive a “You are not subscribed to any airG products.

Please do not offer or request a recommendation for a specific attorney or law firm. Posts or comments encouraging others to contact the media or to post on social media will be removed. Reload Firefox and select 'Prefs' on the settings bar at the top of the browser. Scanned phone and PC at home with anti-malware just to make sure nothing my end and all clear.

And it told me that I had been logged out because I had signed in from a different phone.And they told me to say the TIO referred me their way.And we need to know how to stop it.

Thank you for communicating on this forum. The charges would need to be initiated by whomever is using the phone at the time. The charges would need to be initiated by whomever is using the phone at the time.

I was told just to leave it for the time being and check the next bill. I was unsubscribed and given a full refund. I wonder if the gremlins exist with telstra as well. I would bet my house on it that either you or some one you call or message has a app installed that is doing this. I'm also going to try and find the correct Financial Services oversight body to complain to as I think Telstra is acting in a similar manner to a card issuer.

Annoying and time consuming.Anyway that's probably what I did to get these monthly charges, maybe it was a matter of hitting OK to the terms of agreement to let it charge to my account.

Call 3 – Billing – Its a service charge to something you signed up for. Can't search areas you want. Cents per day charges on my wife's latest phone bill. Cents per day from my prepaid phone balance.

Ive never heard of this and i get all the junk stuff from telstra on my telstra mobile. John Szaszvari took full advantage after Telstra offered its customers 24-hours of free data last month. Just hopping it is cancelled & it stops appearing on my bill. Looking to meet new and interesting friends and singles in your city?

When I rang telstra about it the man I spoke to did not know what it was and gave me a wrong phone number to contact. While I would personally benefit from manually stopping this charge, it would defeat the purpose of my complaint to the TIO. Who were polite, sympathetic and helpful – few descriptions that I could apply to the telsta helpdesk staff. Wonder how long it'll be before I'm 'signed up' again.

If your post is an update to a previous post, please use [Update] in the subject line, and include a link to your previous post. In case you're wondering and you've not read this whole thread, my interest in this is as a former recipient of this charge in 2009. In one particular case I was a little slow in hitting back, and noticed I was being directed to the airg website. In one particular case I was a little slow in hitting back, and noticed I was being directed to the airg website.

My activity history, I was horrified to find fresh airG gamer chat charges for 22 Sept and 23 Sept. My boss tried unsubscribing but it didn't come up as subscribed on his phone. My daughter has been caught with this as well. My mobile is a business phone as well. My sprint contract is nearly 2 years old now, and I read through all of it myself for stuff like this, never agreed to it.

Got on 24x7 chat and spoke to a rep who originally told me she would stop all charges from airg immediately and permanently, then proceded to tell me that in fact I had to contact the company to 'cancel' my account. Having done a bit of research I am amazed this has been happening to people for over ten years. Hours on the phone to Telstra today regarding this and other 'problems' with my last few bills (and got nowhere).

Com than it says sign up than you click that and you do what it tells you to do. Considering I'm a bit of a tech head, "gamers chat" sounds self-incriminating right now. Couple of weeks ago customers could not get new mobile phones or access their accounts for over two weeks. Funny that when I 'signed in' to Divas chat it says 'You are already signed in on another device', but it let it in anyway and I could unsubscribe.

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I have this problem also. I instantly unsubscribed by going to the bigpond wap site -> Games -> Gamer's Chat -> Option and unsubscribing from there. I just copped this too, I've never heard of airg before this. I just noticed AirG GamersChat charges for the first time on a business plan. I like everyone else did not subscribe to this.

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Users with stars have been recognized for consistently strong contributions. Was still getting charged daily so on Jan 13 called again to ask for another block, agent said it was done. We ask that you keep your phone safe and not to share it with anyone you don't know or trust. What sort of operation are they running if they don't have that info on hand? When I rang AIR G they had no record of my mobile phone.

  • (It's not an inconvenience for me as I make purchases with Itunes or Google play cards.
  • (Message failed to send) WHAT!?
  • AND having triggered it via this portal possibly ensures that they do NOT receive a notification as part of the triggering process.
  • Add me to the list of sorry sods who has only just noticed these charges on my bill.
  • After we saw it we made three phone calls,” she said.

Love it Works great on hipstreet tablet and motog3 no glitches or freezing works awesome. Major hassle, but at least it was resolved in the end. Maybe barring only applies to Data/Calls. Maybe this airg thing latched onto the company's phone account and when I unsubscribed my work phone it took care of all of our phones? Mobiles handballed it to Bigpond who didn't know what it was and said it had nothing to do with them.

  • After spending some hours resolving this issue and having refunds applied, the charge is back.
  • Probably the best option for this is to give em a call and make sure they do something about it straight away (they still haven't replied to my email I sent).
  • Strangely enough, I haven't used the Exchange Server on my telstra work mobile, but the others in the business have, yet I'm the only one stuck with this service?
  • I have been in contact with a person within the Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy and advised them about this issue.
  1. AirG May 2, 2016 You can upload photos by clicking on your profile, which is under the menu button at the top bar.
  2. AirG will then send a text with your AirG password and login to your phone.
  3. All I can tell you is that over the course of 8 days I had 5 long, painful conversations with Telstra Billing Enquiries who were ignorant of their systems, processes, legal/industry responsibilities and basically didn't give two figs.
  4. Als je op de website klikt of op de website navigeert, ga je ermee akkoord dat we op en buiten Facebook informatie verzamelen via cookies.
  5. Also Divas Chat is still advertised on Bigpond.
  6. I can't think of anywhere my number would be published. I checked my charges for the last month, and they were indeed charging me. I declined on the grounds that I had no relationship with AirG and did not want to commence one. I guess they're more like paying for a service (that you don't use)? I had another thought, for the ones that it keeps happening to maybe some ones contacts are getting scraped and resubscribed.

    I rang Telstra prepaid and was transferrred to a call centre in Manila philippines. I said I would not mark the issue as resolved until all the money was returned to my account, as I did not feel Telstra was doing enough to protect its customers. I still think Telstra has a lot to answer for in allowing companies like MIA access to their customers’ accounts. I was on a bus at the time, oh well, prepaid expires next week, but this 0.

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    The same routine, "we're very sorry for the inconvenience. The whole process appears to be completely separate from the public making the complaint, which means that if a group of customers identifies a problem, there is no way for the collective to raise that issue or follow up on their submission. Then I looked on my previous bills and for the past year I was getting charged. They apparently keep their postal address very well guarded, but should be able to be obtained from ASIC if need be.

    I'm holding off on contacting the ACCC until I've heard from ACMA, but I intend to keep digging. I'm still being charged on my statement, but I don't know for ho wmuch longer this will continue. I've been receiving this charge.

    Seems like it depends which call centre person you get. She also advise to send a text message to 176 containing fun. So ensure you computer can read your messages in the correct format. So looks like not only am I paying for something that I am not using, I can not even unsubscribe to it. So many things are wrong with this so called app. So to anyone that is affected by this scam, call the TIO and get a reference number from them and then call up the special Telstra complaints number.

    This time I didn't back out as quick as I usually do and noticed the chrome tab it opened was taking me to the airG site. Took 30 mins but happy to have got it back. Top shelf investigation turtleshell.

    Interestingly, it said that the last user to sign in was "MaSiGeL-4lyf" or something like that. It came on my work mobile phone so I'm doubly pissed, I'll have some explaining to do. It is a very common problem, its seems, and Telstra is at least partially, if not wholly, responsible. It is currently a widespread issue that sprint is aware of and investigating. It recurred and that too has been resolved. It sits in my pocket during the day, or by my head at night. Its,not a pic anymore.

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