Check your order status, find answers to your questions or talk to our friendly support team here in the US. Call 1-855-253-6686 and choose option 1. Chat to Check Repair Status. Currently viewing support resources for:.

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There is nothing that can be done as the product is out of warranty. There was a time when it was great but not any more. There's also a Diagnostics button, which leads to some tools for benchmarking and tweaking your phone, not your laptop. They insisted on my sending the machine to Sydney three times to be serviced, each time just restoring it to factory settings, which I could have done myself. They took weeks to get back to me on a new Thinkpad Tablet I sent in.

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I escalated my case according to your company's policy based on what your staff informed me, but the escalation team is so difficult to be in contact, basically "escalation" was nothing more than a word without any real actions taken by the staff. I finally agreed to purchase a set of Win 7 Pro installation disks from them for $70. I habe incurred huge loss because of this shitty company and their arrogant representatives.

I needed to return it two more times before my system was in acceptable condition. I pressed to speak to a manager and (after another 10 minutes or so) the technician told me that one would be able to call me back within THREE DAYS?! I purchased a lemon from Lenovo.

  • After I confirmed that the fix had been successful, he took me back to the menu again to show me how to change the option myself.
  • After I sent the account a direct message, asking about how to set up the fingerprint reader on my Yoga 910, @lenovohelp sent me a reply a few minutes later with a link to a helpful forum post on lenovo.
  • After the first request for repair with none of the issues resolved, I want my case to receive the attention it deserves if I need to ship in my laptop for the second time, as I cannot allow a similarly ridiculous incident to happen again with staff telling me week after week that my laptop will be fixed, but at the end nothing was done.

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They wanted me to pay premium support to install my missing software that was supposed to be imaged for my configuration! They will never fail on you in the ways that all the other brands can. They're good at taking your money, p*ss poor at deliverying their product. This has been the worse experience trying to get ANY product repaired. This is now already more than 3 weeks since I shipped the broken PC to Lenovo as they instructed.

I was unable to find articles that answered any of my three support questions on the support site. I will provide an update re how this all end up. In complete turmoil, I called the retailer, Harvey Norman, who replaced he machine on the same day. It features four main navigation buttons — Home, Help, Forum and Me — along with a search box that queries the same Lenovo support articles you find on support. It played havoc with my life and my business.

I simply wondered if any support service even existed at the first place, and how arrogant it was to ask a customer to continue to trust Lenovo after more than 20 phone calls with countless amount of time spent since the start of the technical issue and ultimately nothing was resolved. I told him i think he was a pop-up that caused my problem.

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  • They’ve been my primary computers, so I must admit I’ve gotten good service from them.
  • Once again, thank you for contacting Lenovo.
  • Over about three months, I spoke to at least ten people on their helpline, and lost count of the emails exchanged, while they dithered and bungled.

Your technical staff held my laptop for almost 3 months with no work done while my laptop was still under warranty, then sent the defective product back to customer with nothing fixed.

Call Lenovo toll-free number 1-800-986-4764 to get advanced tech support anytime you are stuck with Lenovo problems in your computer. Called in through technical support team as suggested by your staff in the emails, no responses ever received, even though your staff claimed that a supervisor will contact me regarding my case "shortly". Clearly,when Lenovo support's under skilled, they default to forcing customers to PAY for a senior tier support;unacceptable.

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Fed up of recurring Lenovo problems? For return of electronically delivered software products, you will need to provide a letter of destruction to Lenovo, in a form provided by Lenovo, confirming that the software has been uninstalled and destroyed. For software and peripherals. Found defects 3 months into usage, send the laptop back for service and repair.

I had a problem with my laptop because I had the blue screen happening and and error with my Keyboard freezing and unable to work. I had contacted more than 12 of your staff members within the technical support team. I have never been so poorly spoken to. I have waited for over a month.

My tablet failed me after 3 months of use. Never tried a thing to fix the problem. No other explaination or whatever while I just said that it was an error with the video card and I needed to update it. On older in warranty tablets with accidental protection it has taken them weeks to repair after being returned because they did not have a part on hand!

I contacted IBM on December 27th, I received a pre-paid shipping on December 28th, shipped it out on the 29th, and received it back from them on January 2nd. I didn’t realize that the Windows COA number is not restored from this backup (unfortunately I didn’t realize this is something that should be recorded for safe-keeping), and began receiving messages stating that Windows was invalid. I disagree with your Bottom Line statement.

The Videos' button leads to a set of extremely outdated how-to videos, many of which cover now-defunct Lenovo software being used in Windows Vista. The call lasted 17 minutes and 19 seconds. The irony is that I thought "you get what you paid for. The issue here is even when my laptop was still in warranty, your staff failed to complete the repairing work. The lack of reliability to the saying of Lenovo support(or service I don’t know).

The laptop was never mishandled or dropped in any manner, it has always been handled with care. The main benefit is that you can troubleshoot the problem yourself and learn it for future and it is time saving. The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.

Com, all returns must be initiated within 14 calendar days of the date of invoice. Compare this to Dell who sometimes sends the tech the same day. Contact to have it fixed again, they stalled me, every time left a message with supervisors will get no response or call back. Currently, it has its operations in Morrisville, North Carolina, Beijing, China and Singapore. Display problem and mouse track pad problem in less than one year.

From: Lenovoreplies [mailto:lenovoreplies@thinkteamlenovo. Get Lenovo free diagnose without leaving the comfort of your home and office. Getting support for Lenovo is now a phone call away. Guess I'll list them on Amazon to see if someone with a 900s that isn't a lemon wants them cheap. Hae i have a problem with my laptop where its not displaying antying its just starting and off no display at all. Hardware, and peripherals, please contact the relevant third party.

We are here to help you with various Lenovo errors you are getting. We may be able to tell you the right questions to ask or things to say. We provide urgent Lenovo troubleshooting as well. What our Lenovo helpline supports? When I call the different number this happens again. When I call the service number that came with these notices, I have to wait for 20-30 min and then to be told by the rep that I have called the wrong number and need to call a different number.

And their quality controls don't seem up to scratch, so the chance of something going wrong is high.Any authorized return must include the product and all accessories in the original packaging, along with all documentation (including invoice, RMA and original shipping label), and must be received at the Lenovo National Return Center within 10 days of obtaining the RMA.Any use of Trademarks, Brands, Products and Services is referential and In2pcfix has no affiliation with any of these third-party companies unless such relationship is expressly specified.

It' s a nightmare when it comes to the service provider of lenovo. LENOVO Laptop Support $$ 18442356222 LENOVO Laptop Customer Support Phone Number 18442356222 USA & Canada! Lenevo should monitor like cheatings with customers should avoid. Lenovo Quality and Customer Service, advice? Lenovo call helpline is available at 1-800-986-4764. Lenovo cannot guarantee cancellation or change to an order once it has been received.

You can search the company's support site, which includes a large number of how-tos, engage in a live chat, post to support forums or reach out on social media. Your reply simply shows even more vividly how Lenovo simply does not care, had you read my emails below and understand the issue from the beginning, I think it will be shameful for anyone to even offer such an answer in the reply email.

Lenovo hardware and software support are but a shell of what they were when IBM ran the show. Lenovo is the worst customer service company I ever dealt with. Lenovo technical support makes emailing an incredible experience for you. Like the author, I found using phone support ineffective, and VERY aggravating. Mistakes and delays over and over.

  1. After using the laptop for 4 months, I started noticing cracks on the exterior case of the laptop, including one major crack near the latch that opens the laptop, and the other crack near the rotational hinge that connects the base and the monitor of the laptop.
  2. After we ng up, I noticed that there was a one touch recovery program on the laptop that worked fine to restore my laptop.
  3. All escalation services so called by your staff does not even exist.
  4. An early time table than their given schedules.
  5. And now everything is fine.
  6. You are at the right place to get wonder solutions for Lenovo issues. You can also contact us at 866-42-THINK (84465) option number 2, or via live chat at Lenovo - Lenovo Chat and a customer service specialist will assist you. You can pay extra to extend the warranty up to three years (more for business laptops), add on-site service or get accidental-damage protection.

    However, the following experience with your company's technical support department proved to be one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever encountered. I am never buying a lenovo again, but here's why i will still recommend you do. I am out on my own to deal with my lemon of a computer. I called, they called back and left me missed calls (withheld numbers) and no voicemail.

    I used the dial-in number to make an early afternoon call and, after navigating the phone tree, I was almost immediately connected to a rep named Vine in the Philippines. I used the web form to ask about enabling my laptop to charge devices over USB while the system is off. I used the web form to sign up for a call, and within about a minute of my hitting submit on the site, my phone rang. I was told to send a copy of my receipt.

    Once your order ships, OVP will reflect that information and provide your tracking number. One of the reasons this laptop costs so is because it had a touchscreen but their INEPT technicians replaced the DEFECTIVE original with a non touchscreen monitor! Onto Lenovo: I sent in a T400 for warranty repair. Or direct affiliation with SmartSnake Technical Services. Or you can write a review to share with other customers.

    Under these sub categories customer can look for their respective Lenovo Product and can get the assistance from the Tech Support team of Lenovo in a very easy and convenient way. Upgrade to a newer version or use a different browser. Upon receipt of your returned Product, Lenovo will issue a credit or refund of the purchase price paid, less return shipping and handling fees and any applicable restocking fees. We are also leading the market in Technical Support and Customer satisfaction.

    This page does not exist, or you may not have permission to see it. To initiate a return, contact 1-855-253-6686 or complete the form online to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Total cost comes to around $1500 CDN after tax and shipping.

    The palm rest they installed was the wrong one, and the system was returned to me with a piece of tape holding the hard drive cover on, and the original problem still wasn’t resolved. The site-search feature on support. The telephone customer agent will disconnect the call when I was not agree with them. There is no other information and no offer to help me deal with this computer-less period.

    So i tried my luck with them but now ThinkPads were made by lenovo. Such relationship is expressly specified. Technical help for Lenovo products is just a phone call away. Thank you for contacting Lenovo. Thank you for your interest in Lenovo Services, our hours of operation is between 8Am and 11PM Eastern. Thank you very much. The US Lenovo customer service again refused to intervene as the computer itself was purchased through Best Buy.

    Basically what I learn from my experience is that Lenovo can say that they will provide warranty service for their products, but in fact, the customer can never take advantage of it even if it is the manufacturer's fault at the first place and the warranty is still active for the product. Because I was having a terrible time on my Y50 4K laptop. Business days later (after hearing nothing from them) I called. Call Lenovo helpline now to get unlimited support for Lenovo.

    When I sent my Thinkpad in for repair, they returned it damaged. When I was unable to use the one-touch button to restore the laptop mailed one a recovery disc to me. When i declined to purchase he told me he'd have to call the FBI, i told him i was going to the police & hung up. Which are faulty chips(NVidia released a message to stockholders about it). Which they assured me would resolve this issue.

    • " But I could get the same quality with Dell for 30% cheaper.
    • About 5 hours later, I got a response from another user who pointed me to a PCWorld article that was related to my question, but didn't give the exact answer I needed.
    • Achievement badges and a spot on the public leaderboards.
    • After 2 months now, no responses from Lenovo at all.
    • After 40 minute wait on hold, I finally reached a man in India who to the way to fix my laptop was to restore to the factory settings.

    He scanned and showed at that point 71 errors & counting, when he told me fixing prices of $199. Horrifying experience with Lenovo, and still struggling to receive my laptop back from repairs. However, depending on which laptop you buy, you may or may not have to pay to ship your computer in for service. However, incompatibility and software related Lenovo issues may trouble you anytime.

    Doubt I will buy Lenovo again since you can't reinstall the preloaded software. ET each weekday, is about the same as using phone support, just without a talking voice. Each time they tell me someone will call me back in 3 days and no call is ever received. Endorsement or direct affiliation with SmartSnake Technical Services.

    Our expert technical support team at In2PCFix is automated and equipped with the latest tools and techniques, in order to resolve the customer issues. Repair leaves me without a computer for more than 3 weeks with no customer compensation or consideration of the effects of not having a computer. Run don't walk away from lenovo! Setting up and configuring Lenovo laptops at affordable rates. Smart Snake offers quick, affordable and customer friendly solutions as Lenovo technical help.

    As an Lenovo Software user, it provides you a quick, direct link to all types of technical and non-technical information about your Lenovo Software solutions, all in one place.As you had mentioned you were not able to reach the customer relations department, what you can do is you can call us the sales support team at 1-866-428-4465 option 2 and we will get you connected to that department.
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