Project Manager: Construction Coordinator: PSP: Contractor: Date/Time of Pre-Con Meeting, Place of Meeting: Delivery Method: ☐BID ☐CSP ☐CMR ☐SOLE. PRE-CONSTRUCTION MEETING AGENDA. Review with Owner & Architect/Engineer before construction; Correct and/or restore any damage to original. A pre-construction meeting provides an opportunity to communication the requirements and expectations of a construction project to the contractor hired to.

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You may view our so you have a reference on how to create a meeting agenda.
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  • A meeting agenda serves as a checklist of the reminders that are needed to be instilled in the mind of everyone so that no functions and duties will be forgotten or overlooked.
  • Aside from our construction meeting agenda, you may also download our.
  • Nonetheless, a postconstruction meeting agenda is also needed.
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  1. One way of keeping in touch with the construction team and the entire construction processes is to set construction meetings.
  2. Other than our construction meeting agenda, you may also download our and to serve as your references.
  3. There are a lot of things that are needed to be done to construct a structure.
  4. These meetings must have specific agendas to assure that everything is working just fine and the entire construction team is following the schedule that they need to religiously consider.
  5. This is the reason why it is important to create professional relationships with all the people that are involved in the construction as all of you are going to work for a common goal and that is to finish a project at a given time.
    • It is very important to have a construction meeting agenda as it allows people in the construction team to understand everything that they need to do from the very beginning of a construction project up to finalizing it.
    • A meeting is needed to be done right before the construction takes place.
    • Building a space be it for a private or commercial purpose is something that follows processes and steps for its completion.
    • Aside from a preconstruction meeting agenda, there should also be agendas that are needed to be discussed during construction.

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